Watch out for those fake ticket websites!

I recently read an interesting article in the Times newspaper written by Laura Whateley about the rising problem of consumers purchasing tickets from fraudulent websites, and how important it is for website owners to use a agency. There is definitely an increase in consumers buying tickets from websites that appear to be real, only to then find out that the website is a fake and that they won’t be able to go to the festival or event that they have been excitedly waiting for. I can only feel for those that have been caught out, as it must be devastating. There is little protection for consumers purchasing tickets off the internet other than purchasing them through a credit card so assessing whether the website is an official supplier of tickets is a must. I think consumers will certainly become more thorough when buying tickets online especially since the increase in media surrounding these fraudulent websites.

This story really is the tip of the iceberg, and shows how ticket only sales can be a complicated area to operate in. Therefore I think hospitality packages can be seen as a more secure way in buying tickets as you can be assured that you will not only get a ticket for your event/festival but also luxurious hospitality and a great atmosphere. We offer a range of hospitality packages for all the major sporting and cultural events in the UK, catering for all price ranges. Be assured we will not let you down at the last minute!

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