Christmas Entertaining

There is our Monday morning dilemma, does Team Tactics start to promote its Christmas ideas for entertaining and team building over the festive season over the internet? However what term would a person look under Google?

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to reach the top of google on selected phrases (you will often find me huddled over my PC whilst an eye on the TV, just checking where we are over an evening!) So returning back to ‘Christmas Parties’. That’s not really our target phrase. It would ideally be ‘alternative ideas to Xmas Parties’, ‘team building christmas london’, ‘company christmas entertaining’ ending on …’okay we have had enough of shared parties, give me something more exciting’ …that would do the trick!

However, I think the main one that we are going for is Company Christmas events (ouch we are on 2nd pages!) and christmas team building staff events (second ouch, 2nd page!).

A bewildered Tina Benson! Monday Morning!

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