First Cab Clue Trail Completed!!

So I experienced my first cab clue trail last Friday and I am pleased to say that it went really well. The clients seemed to be very happy with the two and half hours of team building fun. They certainly all got involved and there was definitely no lack of competitiveness, this was fuelled by the hamper which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Hellen briefed everyone at the beginning of the cab clue trail before we gathered all the teams up and got them on their clue hunting journey. Out of the five cabs, one of the cabs which was ready to go first didn’t leave until last as their priority seemed to lie with opening the champagne first!

At 5.30pm Hellen and I were waiting for the arrival of the teams, and did wonder whether we were going to have to deduct lots of points due to teams arriving late. However in the nick of time, 3 teams all turned up at once and excitedly (and some a bit tipsy) handed their answers and photos over to us ready for marking. I must say while marking the papers we saw some hilarious photos, one in particular referring to ‘exhibition road’.

Overall it was a great team building event, which all the clients thoroughly enjoyed and we gained some really positive feedback. I look forward to going on my next cab clue trail!

Annika Franklin
Marketing Executive
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