Team Building…….is it Important?

Team building is described as the “process of establishing and developing a greater sense of cooperation and trust between team members”. Team Building’s purpose is to encourage better communication between people and enable better ways of working together in a group.

Questions are constantly being typed into the Google search engine around team building and whether it is considered important and necessary. Many studies and articles have addressed this issue and found that team building is important as it is key part in developing successful organisations, this is due to organisations being largely dependent on teamwork. By having good team morale, it can benefit the organisations overall productivity.

Team building does not only improve team working skills it also helps to improve a wide range of other skills such as trust, communication, interpersonal skills, dealing with ambiguity and time management.

We here at Team Tactics specialise in team building activities as they are a great way to motivate employees, and help to bring colleagues closer together. We have team building activities to suit all types of requirements. Two of our top team building activities are our take away treasure hunt and our cab clue trail which enable employees to work together in a fun and relaxed environment.

There is no right or wrong time to implement team building activities into an organisation, however sometimes team building activities are considered a good way to motivate staff possibly after redundancies at work or as a reward. The important part of making team building activities effective is to choose activities that will allow every member of the team to get involved and play on all individuals’ strengths. We can help you choose the right team building activities to suit both your organisation and your employees!

Team building is definitely becoming more important in business environments especially during today’s current climate. Let Team Tactics find the right team building activity for you to help improve your employee’s team working skills and overall productivity.

Annika Franklin
Marketing Executive
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