Not Henley Festival or Regatta but HENLEY REWIND!!

You all know we do Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Festival of Arts in a big way in terms of corporate hospitality…but one perhaps not for the corporate market, I attended Henley Rewind over the weekend and what an amazing event this turned out to be.

In many ways it was both the sparkling line up of bands that were performing over the two days but also the photo of a VW camper van on their home page of Henley Rewind certainly caught my eye and I thought I better go with girl friend or two.

So as Flo (lovingly restored VW camper van for hire) and us girls descended down to Remenham Meadows at Henley we were truly amazed at the sheer scale of this event. I haven’t seen so many tents ever before. Fields and fields of tents.

What were my highlights? Well on Saturday we watched Imagination (Oh Oh Oh Oh ah!!), Heaven 17, Level 42, Jimmy Sommerville and Boy George. Just a WOW, we were at the front and the music was just amazing. Loved the wacky outfits…we saw, Superman and Superwoman, Rod Stewart look a like (not, but with a bulging crotch), Mr Blobby, The Village People pimped up, a middle aged lycra dressed nun which has seen better years, plus loads of great wigs and people just out for a good time.

So unlike my trekking to China, I was firmly in my age group. I even managed a shot of this middle aged lady who managed to put her chair up to the front and have a snooze whilst the acts were performing (too much beer or generally too much food?!!)

Then onto Sunday we saw 10cc and Bjorn Again. Well I have certainly fallen in love with one of the lead singers (no not the original ones even though they were lovely), the Colin Firth look alike with the little stud in his ear! Very cool dude!

Am I being old, but music and singers don’t sing and perform like they used to. The bands were incredible and the voices just as they were 30 years ago. I am definitely visiting Henley Rewind again next year but not my top corporate event in all honesty. Team Tactics will stick to Henley Regatta and Henley Festival of Music Art.

Tina Benson

Team Tactics

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Belinda Bryant

We missed the festival last year, but got tickets at the last minute for this years rewind 80’s as wanted to be a part of it this year! It was difficult to decide which line up was the best for the day tickets. In the end, we took Saturday mainly for Heaven 17 if Im totally honest though i was torn by Tony Hadley! Luckily we missed the rain on Sunday at about 8.30pm and I was glad we didnt swap days at the last minute!).

I have been to a couple of festivals in my time but not really a seasoned goer, never managed to make Glasto / V nor Reading so this was quite a new experience for me.

As soon as we got through the entrance it was almost like stepping into another world of vibrance and colour.

First of all we came across various stalls selling flower garlands, mad hats, masks, tee shirts, jewellery, 80’s CDs, etc, coloured eyelashes and lots of other interesting things!

Then there were fair ground rides including bumper cars, mad centrafugal rides and a dive bombing ride…

Then as we got further near the stage area there were streams of people walking towards us dressed in fancy dress costumes from prevalent 80’s pop icons such as Rod Stewart (this one did seem to have a sock in his crotch area – it was quite obvious!), Madonna (lots of) and boy George for example. Then others dressed up as characters from 80’s films, so we had a chap dressed as Maverick out of Top Gun, a guy in full white naval officer uniform (An officer and Gentleman), lots of groups walking round in boiler suits with the ghostbuster back packs, even a Mr Marshmallow man, and also a girl dressed as a Virgin Atlantic Air Hostess (the most recent advert has FGTH Two Tribes as theme and also I assume Virgin was launched in 80’s?). We even saw the characters out of Scooby Doo though no Scooby and a very realistic Vivien (The Young Ones), then LOTS of afro wigs and ‘mullets’, lots of coloured wigs from purple, fluorescent orange and pink to electric blue! Wavy, spiky, long, plaited, everything! It was just a carnival of colour and vibrance. We felt quite underdressed! I would say 85% of people were in fancy dress. We even saw the characters out of Scooby Doo though no Scooby. ANYTHING went !

I would recommend it to anyone who loved the 80’s as being a fun filled day full of laughter and positive energy!


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