There were a couple of articles that i read in this month’s Event magazine that caught my eye. Firstly an article written about Twitter and how it has evolved into a genuine event tool. As we know more and more businesses are becoming a part of this social networking device in order to use it as a marketing tool. As it is free it is a must for all businesses to get involved. Twitter is excellent as you can feed a wide range of news, events and pictures and it is definitely a good way to promote what you are up to. I think the only problem with Twitter as an event tool is that most tweets contain a link and in the end this dilutes the message. I think especially when using Twitter as an event tool it would be useful if you could monitor it to see how many enquiries come from the social networking device. This would certainly make it easier to understand the importance of Twitter . Follow us on Twitter @ Team_Tactics for the latest news and events!

The second article that interested me discussed the say thank you at Christmas campaign. The main point that came across in the article written by Chantelle Dietz was that everyone in the industry needs to keep plugging the fact that spending on Christmas events is not being frivolous. We need to get it viral, we want it tweeted and facebooked. Let’s really get people talking about it. All of us here at Team Tactics totally support this idea, as it is crucial that companies reward their employees at Christmas time as this is sometimes the only opportunity that companies get to do this. There are a range of Christmas Events to suit everyone’s budget, we have an extensive portfolio of fantastic festive events ranging from our Winter Wonderland event to our Christmas Corporate Cooking. Please contact us for more information as we would love to help you with your Christmas Party plans!