If you haven’t already thought about your Christmas party then do consider our Christmas Cookery options which are not only really fun events but also double up as a team building session to motivate your staff to take them into the New Year. We offer Christmas novelty hats, crackers and festive music to ensure you feel totally in the mood!

Our 3 options relate to different venues within London and offer slightly alternative packages depending on the requirements of your group.

Option 1  The Cook-off  Holborn
This has been one of our best sellers over the past 3 years as it combines a fun, challenging event with a meal and wine all for the bargain price of £135 + VAT  just what more could you ask!?!?
In brief, the teams create menus from the selection of meat/fish on display and then cook and serve these to the opposing teams within a time limit. Vegetarians and special dietaries have to be taken into account adding an extra twist to the menus. Teams get marks on laying the table using the props available, how they work together in the kitchen, presentation of the dishes and of course, the final taste test. The winning team has a bottle of champagne and half a bottle of wine is available for guests during the meal.

Option 2  The Art of Christmas Cooking  West London
This went down a storm last year and we had some super feedback where guests had not only had a fun time but learnt some skills for their Christmas parties to wow their friends and family with!!
Enjoy a glass of mulled wine on arrival before getting down to preparing a range of dishes, canapes and desserts with a Yuletide theme. This is again a timed session and then guests get to enjoy their food with half a bottle of wine and festive novelties. This can be made more competitive to suit the group if required. At only £135 + VAT per person it really is great value.

Option 3  The Cook-Off Challenge Central London
Our newest Cookery event which is a slight variation on option 1 in that the they pre-choose a set 3 course menu and then on the day, each dish is given the team’s own creative twist using a mystery box of ingredients/spices. Each team eats the dishes prepared by their own fair hand however teams are still marked on how well they work together, how well their creativeness has matched the dish, presentation on the final dishes as well as the all important taste test! Again a timed session but guests have commented on how relaxed the evening felt. We also give the guests menu sheets to take away so that they can show off their prowess in their kitchen at home!

On option 1 & 3 if you require additional drinks on the night for those fish amongst you, then these will be served at additional cost to be settled upon departure!

I do hope I have whetted your appetite for a lunch or dinner of Festive cheer and for further details please do contact us in the office on 01227 738280.

Hellen Kelly
Events Director
01227 738280