Starting Christmas with a Bang!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to my first Global Music Experience Event. The Event was held at Apartment 195 on the Kings Road for 17 people and was aimed at celebrating the end of a project and rewarding everyone for their continuous hard work.

The client arrived at 12pm and everybody was very excited about what was to come for the rest of the day, and they were certainly ready to get into the festive spirit. The afternoon started with a delicious buffet which went down a treat especially the Christmas on a stick kebabs which were made up of chicken, stuffing, sausage wrapped in bacon, mini potato and brussel sprouts-definitely a great idea!

After the buffet, the client got to participate in three very different activities, first up was Junk Funk where everyone was given a piece of junk to use as an instrument, and you would be amazed at the great sounds that they managed to produce from items such as an old computer keyboard, frying pan and step ladder! It wasn’t only music that they had to make they also had to come up with some creative movements to accompany their fantastic sounds.

The group had just finished their junk funk session and there was no waiting around as the next thing you heard was the roar of a the lead tribesman stormed the room performing the haka to all the guests. After a really interesting intro about the history of the haka and where it all originated from it was time for the group to get stuck in. Michael in particular was outstanding as he was picked by the rest of the group to dress up in a tribal cloak and have his face painted!

The final activity was drumming, and my favourite part was when two of the group laid on the floor in the centre of the circle with their eyes closed while the rest of the group played their drums at different noise levels and styles, with the mixture of noise and the vibrations through the floor it was certainly a wonderful feeling for those of the group lying down.

The event was a great team building success and the entire group got involved and motivated to work together. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a team building experience that is a bit different. I would like to give big thanks to our three facilitators Dan, Trevor and Bruce that helped to run each of the activities as i know the client was very impressed and had a fantastic day thanks to their hard work!

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