Forecast for 2011?

Having been to the other side of the world with the rain following us at 30 degree temperatures, I thought I would title the blog along the lines of the weather and what the business forecast is predicted for 2011 in the events world. Yes Australia does get rain …. a lot of it!!

I have been very pleasantly surprised looking at our 3/4 year figures which proves categorically that more business has been undertaken for entertaining clients and running staff team building events in 2010, shown by an increase in our turnover. I can only breathe a sigh of relief as genuinely, 2009 was a dull year. Few companies had any sort of budget and those that did, felt a little awkward in spending it. Price seemed to be the over riding factor.

2010 was noticeably different if just a little cautious. I think embedded in our British Culture is a desire to get closer to our clients, to develop over and above just a business relationship which results in a demand for entertaining clients and business associates. Whilst 2009 was all about bringing the best vaule to the market for a product, 2010 was heading back to quality, though price still a consideration. The summer months were kind to us with the weather and what an amazing Christmas we had.

As a small business we are able to move as a result of market pressures. We brought in such events as the Takeaway Treasure Hunt in 2009 and other great little events to the market. However in 2010, we launched a top end, fast paced Wall Street Trading Team building Challenge. Now this would not sit first on the list of a client who is looking for the most cost effective team building exercise, but rather an exceptionally technical and resource intensive team building event which brings bucket loads of learning and team building to the event. In fact I see we had a nice write up in Events Magazine yesteday and will be published in their hard copy to hit desks very shortly.

We have developed in other areas too over the past year. A recent partner to Visit London and London Launch, we are certainly spreading our wings and undertaking events for our foreign customers who come to London for their conference and seminars.

We have joined another private members club right in the heart of the city called Eight. We love this as a quirky London venue where we have held Poker Nights and other team buiding activities there with a difference. Our belief is that many customers who contact us look for an corporate event, but if they can hold it at a memorable venue, even better. We have a cracking list of amazing venues in london that is always being updated and one of us is always dropping by somewhere new to have a look around. So hopefully when we have a brief, we are right there to give the client what they want for their corporate event.

Forecast for 2011
I firmly believe that 2011 will be better than 2010in terms of providing client entertaining and team building activities for our clients. Whether we will reach 2008/2009 levels I am unsure. However, we are undoubtedly on the way up which is a great indiction for businesses. I don’t think the VAT increase will affect our business but we will wait and see. But it’s getting loads better and we are really busy which is what we love.
We have already created some really tremendous bespoke proposals for clients which, if they come off will be very exciting… treking in Iceland, exclusive Scottish Castle hire in Scotland with all the Scottish trimmings. Here’s hoping that our golf events overseas return with gusto!

All the best for 2011 everybody, I hope its a good one.

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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