Sweet Success!

Last Friday Team Tactics ran a hugely successful ‘The Bigger Picture’ team building activity for our client at Hanbury Manor for 130 guests.

The theme for a team building activity for this chocolate manufacturer was Love and Growth, combining their brand and Valentines Day. A speed dating team building activity was suggested which, ah, we didn’t have.

However, we did suggest The Bigger Picture and Filming for Fun, which can both be themed to a clients brief. As you can see below, small teams had to replicate, from a small design, their own piece of canvas. Teams have to mix paint from primary colours, plan their own masterpiece and then get stuck in! To complicate things, the participants painting on the easels next to them aren’t the next canvas. Teams soon realise that they have to mix the colours the same as those on the same painting but also it all has to fit together….to form the bigger picture. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Hard at Work

Here is a summary of the benefits to this team building activity:

Small teams work together towards a bigger goal, the BIG REVEAL showing the importance of everybody’s input into the activity. Corresponding this back to the workplace highlights the need for everybody to work effectively together for the end goal of the company, higher sales.

Benefits of The Bigger Picture:
• Participants communicate in a visual format
• Small teams working together, everybody has an input, everybody is important
• Improved communication
• Colleagues realise how important each individual is to the workplace
• Builds on strengthening staff relationships and a better understanding of each other
• Motivates the staff  The Bigger Picture is a highly entertaining and fun team building activity. Motivated people perform better in their day to day work
• The Final Reveal shows positive imagery which is highly motivational, builds confidence and belief in something new. The Bigger Picture will be visually stunning, enabling a winning attitude to problems and a belief of success.
• Learning or doing something completely different liberates the mind. Facing a challenge, meeting it and mastering it helps build on confidence in the workplace.
• Providing a positive attitude, creates improved performance thus increasing sales activity

The Finished Result!

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