Adapting to change..from presentations to CLAPHAPPY!!

Over the past ten days, Team Tactics have successful assisted a Business Travel Management firm add a bit of sparkle to their roadshow, from London to Dublin, ranging from 320 to 40 guests at each.
We had the initial enquiry several months ago, when the marketing manager was looking for a conference energiser that could be run over an evening’s dinner. The brief was that it shouldn’t last too long, be participative and engaging but most importantly, not hugely costly.

We proposed Claphappy, a highly visual team building activity which ran in between the directors speeches after dinner. Some of the directors had been talking about 2010, with the ash cloud and all the disruption with air traffic, whilst others discussed exciting new technological developments.

Mark, who was our highly energetic rhythmic Claphappy co-ordinator for this team building energiser, came on stage on the pretext of being another speaker, all suited up looking very serious. You could visibly see the audience start to slide further down in their seats, or perhaps looking for the EXIT sign for a good reason to take a relief break! However, very quickly, Mark walks off the stage, catches an unsuspecting guest who looks totally dejected and gives him a big hug, telling him his life was about to get better!!

…In come lots of staff with bags of colourful rubber gloves and literally the room is suddenly energised as they are going to do something fun. Over the course of these 5 roadshows, we adapted the CLAPHAPPY team building event to last from 15-30 minutes long based on what we were given.

I would have loved to have shown you blogger readers a video clip, but we don’t have it, terribly sorry. We had our hands full as it were! But when the photos get brought back to the office we will download them to facebook so everybody can see the visual impact this team building/energiser had.

All participants have to adapt to a sudden change (though a good change it is!) and are part of a rhythmic orchestra that does sound absolutely amazing. We always get feedback saying that they wouldn’t have believed they could have sounded so good. But amazing to see and hear how brilliant the whole group is when everybody comes together as one.

Suffice to say we loved running these events all over the UK and Ireland and have had a hugely positive reaction at each roadshow we were at. Hopefully we may get a few words from the client.

Tina Benson
Team Tactics
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