Here at Team Tactics we’ve been working on improving our treasure hunt formats, improving the flexibility offered to ensure that our clients gain maximum effect from the benefits of our team building events, as well as making them highly engaging and relevant. Take for example our new Techno Travel Treasure Hunt, which utilises the latest breakthrough in tablet computers and app technology. Teams are provided with a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a specially desgined GPS app: only when the GPS verifies the team is in the correct location will the clue be activated.

We do love to create these alternative, quirky events by working closely with our clients and so with this in mind we’ve created a short list of the benefits of treasure hunt events. The list could go on and on but here’s just our top 5!

5. Encourages leadership, communication and interaction. Teamwork is vital to solve the clues and many of our formats rewards diligent work. The Cab Clue Trail is a highly competitive event and see’s team allocated their own London Cab and driver. Communication is essential in this fast paced treasure hunt.

4. Improved business skills. Our ‘Apprentice’ styled treasure hunt has teams judged not only on successfull completion of the treasure hunt, but also on their ability to purchase a series of items at the lowest possible price. Rewarding planning skills and business acumen, the shrewdest team is likely to win!

3. Encourages creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’. One of our favourite treasure hunt’s has each team equipped with a camcorder, in which they must record from a series of locations to produce a hilarious commercial. Not only is this great fun but the ‘message’ of the commercial can be used to reinforce your company’s values. Teams are given a DVD of their commercial as well which is great fun to watch back, especially if you chose to hold an evening dinner afterwards.

2. Increase in morale. Not only do treasure hunts provided real benefits to the functional aspects of a team but they are also incredibly fun. By personalising an event from your chosen venue with custom clues, treasure hunts are great for laughing out loud and creating a lasting memory.

1. Flexibility. Our treasure hunts can be run from almost anywhere, your office or even your favourite apres-work hang out! The fact that nearly every aspect of each event can be matched to your requirements means that almost any request can be catered for. The flexibility in terms of the chosen clues, locations and prizes of the event means that the ‘message’ or objective of a treasure hunt event can conveyed to teams in a engaging fashion.Techno Travel Treasure Hunt by Team Tactics