Spokesman for the Forum of Private Business Phil McCabe has issued a statement on the importance of team building exercises for boosting motivation and enhancing communication, particularly within SME’s, saying:

“There are businesses out there that hold regular corporate conferences for their staff…I think the emphasis behind that is proper good communication to staff about the business and where it is going.”

McCabe’s statement highlights the growing realisation within companies, large and small, that corporate events can improve staff morale as well as employees adoption of the company’s values and objectives. However McCabe also warns of the dangers for larger companies losing employees within the ‘corporate structure’ due to a lack of engagement and communication. Team building events are perhaps the ultimate tool for managers in terms of connecting with employees and creating a team working in unity towards shared goals: the experience of a well thought out and organised event can leave lasting impressions.

Team Tactics have a range of innovative team building and corporate events designed to be flexible, allowing us to customise each event specifically to a customer. For instance this could be communicating organisational goals by having teams working within a professional studio to broadcast a company message (very popular with graduate schemes), or something a little less obvious such as our Global Music Experience which promotes unity through music.

The overall point is that through engaging employees with regular corporate events, managers will find engaged teamsmotivated to work towards clearly communicated goals.