Watch out for off site hospitality

A couple of months ago, one of our clients who have been using Team Tactics for over 12 years, mentioned that his MD booked a ‘great deal’ on some golf hospitality at The Open. 
Being a typical sales person with a good relationship with Mr Client, I did say tongue in cheek why hadn’t they booked through US!!
‘Quite’ he said.
‘Who did he buy the package from’ I said
‘blah blah’
‘Well I have heard of them, don’t know much about them but make sure the hospitality at The Open Golf is ON SITE! There are some shocking stories of some companies thinking they are get a fabulous price, but in reality, once they have come back for lunch, there is no re-entry onto the course’

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a call came in from said and angry client. The hospitality they got for the Open Golf was offsite. Funny that the events company wasn’t answering their calls. Well….. you can imagine I felt for him but on the up side is, they will stick to the trusty company they know. US!

We had a few clients there last week and also being on our doorstep and being a keen golfer myself with a father in law who is a member of Royal St Georges, I took a day off to go along. 

If I would be critical of entertaining at The Open Golf, I would say that its quite a price to pay to see your client perhaps just at lunchtime. Unless you go on a one to one, clients will wander off and want to do their own thing, stay on a particular hole, watch a certain golfer etc. Certainly it allows freedom for client entertaining on 18 holes and a big hospitality village.

But saying that, a real golfer loves nothing more to see how to really play the shots and be shown how it’s really done! There was one particular shot I think Mickelson chipped over a bunker and downhill 15 yards. Well I would have come out in a cold sweat if I had to play that shot! Either it would have belted across 2 greens before it stopped, fallen flat on its face in the bunker or mishit the ball having looked up too quickly!

So perhaps the thing to do is find those avid golfers amongst your clients and take a small party out so you can stick together and watch the masters in action! So if you fancy joining us next year at Royal Lytham St Annes for the Open Golf in 2012, we will be there.

Oh yes I forgot, we will be offering OFFICIAL hospitality at the Open Golf in 2012!

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