Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of accompanying our events director Hellen to one of our VIP evenings at Buckingham Palace, helping to ensure the day ran smoothly and our guests received impeccable service for which Team Tactics has become renown for. It was also a huge pleasure to be able to accompany our group through their tour, in which the feedback was constantly, overwhelmingly positive I’m happy to say!

Buckingham Palace State Room

We were hosting two different groups of clients, both global players in their respective industries, who were welcoming some of their own clients, many from overseas, for our corporate night in London. We welcomed our guests at the Ambassador’s Entrance, located on the south façade, before quickly and efficiently passing through the Palace security stop. Once inside the grandeur was immediately apparent, with vaulted ceilings and gilded staircases. Once the VIP tour guide introduced herself to our group the tour was under-way and guests were guided through the state rooms. Included within this tour was the Throne Room, the ornate Ballroom in which the reception for Prince William & Princess Catherine’s wedding was held and which currently holds Princess Catherine’s wedding dress, and the Fabergé exhibit. The tour illuminated over 500 years of the British Monarchy, perfectly capturing the history and wonder of the noted dignitaries and historically important individuals who passed through those same rooms. Winston Churchill, Barack Obama and Mozart were amongst a long list of individuals welcomed within the magnificent rooms.

Our VIP events at Buckingham Palace are perfect for entertaining overseas visitors, offering a historic and cultural experience in London that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The relaxed atmosphere of the tour as well as the wealth of fantastic talking points is perfect for clients wishing to enjoy a lasting and memorable evening with clients and staff.

Once our guests had completed their tour of Buckingham Palace they had time to explore the Palace’s gift shop as well as a glass of Champagne on the West façade as the sun set, overlooking the gardens which have hosted many a traditional English garden party! I then guided guests through the inner courtyard and out the Palace’s main gates on the world famous East façade to their awaiting coaches. Our guests were then taken on the short journey to Mosimann’s private dining club. Our membership at Mosimann’s allows us to offer a unique dining experience in the heart of London, with private rooms available to our guests. Guests were welcomed within the Mappin & Webb room where they enjoyed a sumptuous three course meal. It’s worth noting that Anton Mosimann helped created the Royal Wedding menu, thus adding an extra ‘Royal’ element to our guests night!

The Lalique Private Room at Mosimann's

Overall the evening was fantastic, with the combined professionalism and knowledge of Buckingham Palace, Mosimann’s and Team Tactics creating a superbly run and memorable corporate entertainment event in London. Buckingham Palace will be closing it doors to public tours very soon but Team Tactics hope to acquire dates for our VIP evenings soon for 2012. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter for notifications of new dates which we’re sure will sell out just as quickly as this year’s!