Most Interesting Request Of The Week!

Today we had, what is, perhaps, our most interesting enquiry to date. We can’t be sure if it’s genuine or not but none the less will do our best to pass on this request to HRM Queen Elizabeth II!


Please can you help me out, my school desperately needs a prom venue, and I would highly appreciate it if you would allow us the honour of allowing us to use Buckingham Palace, however we cannot afford it, I f you could be so kind to let us have the venue and transport free.

God save the Queen.

I have the honour to remain

Your majesty’s most obedient servant.

Our abilities may be stretched by this request but we do have a range of other Christmas party ideas in London city for everyone to check out. Starting this month we are able to offer exclusive Queen’s Gallery corporate evenings, with private viewings of the recently opened Heart of the Great Alone exhibition.

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