Oh London! So full of delights and sights! We love an event in London and particularly a good team building event. Which is exactly why below we’ve listed just some of the reasons why London has such a unique charm, and why this makes it probably the best city in the world to hold your team building event. Look no further than us for your corporate team building ideas in London. Let us know why you love London and leave a comment below!
St Paul's Cathedral & Thames Power Blast
  1. The Atmosphere & History. Everyone has their own special view of what it’s like in London, whether it’s a scene out of Sherlock Holmes (“relax, I’m a doctor, but I have had a couple of hospital injuries claims in the past”) or a James Bond film (remember Pierce Brosnan playing secret agents on top of the Millennium Dome). One can’t help but be surrounded by the years of history and charmed by the iconic sights. For example, our Cab Clue Trail treasure hunt has participants solve clues and riddles in some of the most popular destinations in London like Covent Garden and Hyde Park, all the while travelling around in their own London black cab equipped with cheeky black cab driver. In London your always ‘somewhere’, where each turn can take you to another exciting destination, and this is perfect for those wanting a memorable event, particularly if your group has guests from further afield and overseas.
  2. The Landmarks. Stuffed full of historic landmarks and quirky streets, London features some of the best city sights in the world. New York may have it’s skyscraper skyline but London has some of the oldest and most famous buildings and streets in the world (thanks Monopoly!). Want to speed past the Houses of Parliament in a 225 horsepower Rigid Inflatable Boat? Not a problem, we can do that. Or film your team in our Television Experience using the BBC studios? We can do that too.
  3. The People. Famed for being hard to impress, Londoners are also incredibly helpful and friendly, and in my own experience a lot more approachable than residents in other foreign cities (who shall remain nameless!). There’s also the occasional roaming celebrity who’ll earn you extra points if you spot one in one of our London based treasure hunts! It’s hard not to spot at least one famous person on the Tube these days! My last spot was a slightly moody looking Jimmy Carr on the Central Line.
  4. The Restaurants. London has over 50 Michelin starred restaurants, proving that Britain’s come a long way from whence it’s original poor reputation came. London’s buzzing culinary scene is now attracting the world’s best chefs, creating one of the most diverse and exciting cities to dine in, in the world (e.g. ‘Meat Fruit’ at ‘Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’). We’re now smothered, but in a good way, with choices for eating out and corporate guests have an incredible choice of where to take staff and clients after their corporate day out, to make it even more memorable.
  5. Location. Accessible by road, rail and air, London has fantastic transport links across the country and abroad. With trains direct from Paris, not only do we have many corporate groups heading across the Channel for events such as wine and Champagne tasting, but clients coming in from overseas who have a quick and incredibly easy route right into Central London. For those whose offices are located outside London trains regularly run directly into Central London, meaning large groups who might work at different offices can meet together easily. Alternatively our partnership with Coaches Direct allows us to offer superb rates for coach travel.

Houses of Parliament Night-time shot