Listening To Adversities & Heroism Last Night

I was so fortunate to attend The Queens Gallery last night where explorer, writer and Sue Lawley’s desert island disc guest David Hempleman Adams was speaking! David Hempleman Adams has conquered the four main poles, and climbed the highest peaks in each of the seven continents. Wow! Built like a ton of bricks too!

Heart of the Great Alone Exhibit

The Queen’s Gallery, until next April, is displaying for the first time ever, impressive and historical photographs that were presented to King George V after Scott and Shackleton’s expeditions to the South Pole. The photographs need to be seen to be believed, they were taken by the talented Hurst and Ponting. The timing of this exhibition is by no means co-incidental; it is perfect, 100 years ago the South Pole was reached by the first time by man…drat by Roald Amundsen the Norwegian explorer who reached the Pole 14th December 1911. Captain Scott arrived on 18th January, 1912, very much deflated to have seen the tent and Norwegian flag of Amundsen.

The names of Scott and Shackleton are synonymous with the heroic age of the Antarctic exploration.  So to have somebody such as David Hempleman Adams who is a current day living mad man (sorry legend!), was just too much of an opportunity to pass me by. To hear his take on what happened 100 years ago was like putting myself alongside Scott and Shackleton; I felt what they must have felt, the sub zero temperatures, and the fortitude in the face of appalling hardships.

FACT: The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth is in the Antarctica where it has reached  – 89C! The highest winds ever recorded there have reached 200 MPH.

In fact in a couple of weeks, David will be down in the Antarctica taking his 16 years old daughter. If they reach to South Pole, David’s daughter will be the youngest person to have ever reached the South Pole. Amazing. Good luck.

Antarctic Exhibition at the Queen's Gallery




About Team Tactics VIP Evening at the Queen’s Gallery

Team Tactics endeavour to bring corporate events that are unique, different, VIP, something to capture people’s imagination. We have a most amazing event next year. We will spend two hours at The Queen’s Gallery with our own private viewing of the exhibition. However our icing on the glacier (sorry cake!) is that Henry Worsley will be our VIP VIP speaker. Henry Worsley would have just returned from the Antarctica where two teams are, for the first time ever, re-tracing the footsteps of Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen. His Patron for this expedition is Prince William.

Again, like David Hempleman Adams, Henry Worsley will compare Captain Scott’s experiences with today’s expeditions to the South Pole.  After being totally over awed, we will whisk guests to Mosimann’s for an unforgettable dinner.

What could be a better corporate VIP event? Not many I would suggest, but there again I am pretty interested on a personal note about the heroic age of the Antarctic Exploration and the adversities that had to be overcome by these pioneers…or perhaps failed to overcome in Captain Scott’s case.

I couldn’t recommend enough these two evenings to you if you just want to bring a couple of guests along or come as a group, we would love to see you there!

Tina Benson
Polar Explorer (perhaps in another life!)

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