4 Corporate Event Industry Predictions For 2029

The end of the year is nearly upon us and so it only seems right that we give our readers our event industry predictions for 2029. To be honest predicting further ahead than a year is difficult in the event industry thanks to the continual efforts of event agencies to bring fresh and exciting ideas to their clients and we wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Branson is holding Virgin Galactic team building events on the moon by 2013, let alone 2029. But below you’ll find four general trends in the corporate events industry that reflect what we’ve noticed from our clients.

1. Corporate Events and marketing will be an integrated effort. We’ve seen a growing rise in the number of clients wanting to be able to take more away from an event other than the typical measurables and happy memories. Clients are looking for an event that can be used as a communication tool afterwards, whether this is for internal or external communications. We often work our events to a client’s brief, whether it’s to produce a short film/product about their company’s values or to be used as part of a PR stunt or other promotional tool.

2. Technology will improve participants experience. As you may have seen, many of our treasure hunt events now use Samsung Galaxy tab computer’s. Our ‘Around the World’ Christmas treasure hunt for instance allows participants to take part in a virtual treasure hunt around the world (a bit like Santa Claus!). Furthermore we’re now seeing technology playing a vital part pre and post event with skilled social media marketers creating an event buzz and facilitating greater interaction and networking between attendees/participants.

3. More events will be held remotely. There is a growing number of events being held in multiple locations (particularly in large international companies) thanks to improvements in broadband speeds and technology. Companies are now becoming better equipped to bring their employees together in real-time events remotely and for a fraction of the cost.

4. The unthinkable becomes the thinkable. More and more we’re seeing strange and often far fetched requests becoming possible and are creating event experiences that couldn’t normally be achieved. For instance to star, film and produce their own short film in the legendary Pinewood Studios on our Television Experience event. Or, working with one of the animators from Wallace and Gromit, producing a high quality animated film on our Animation Nation event. Traditional barriers on what can be achieved are continually being broken by leading event agencies who recognise the need to push an event in new directions in order to provide a real experience.

So there it is, a snippet of our view of the future! For those of you who may not be looking so far into the future we’ve plenty of Office Christmas party ideas. Availability’s getting low now so contact us soon and we’d love to talk about some our events for this Christmas.

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