Last minute team building events can often be an absolute nightmare for the organiser, who’ll often find themselves taken out of their comfort zone, having to arrange a thousand and one small details at short notice. Our ethos lies in going ‘the extra mile’, as we find our clients often find comfort in the details that have been carefully assimilated over a period in order to cover every angle and ensure that nothing goes overlooked.

Therefore it’s no surprise that bookers for last minute events can be extremely anxious. Below are some of our tips in order to ensure that you get the most from your last minute team building events and cover every angle! There’s still time to arrange for a fun and memorable office party this Christmas; contact us today to discuss our Christmas team building games.

  • Ask for an itinerary. Although it’s impossible to know how your event will pan out before you get there, a sample itinerary can help identify any critical points in your event. Also it helps ensure everyone is on the same boat, meaning no nasty surprises and you have peace of mind.
  • If necessary, make a site visit. By familiarising yourself with the venue beforehand, you can get to know the layout, facilities, people, atmosphere etc. which will all help make you feel more comfortable next time around and confident when dealing with any problems during the event. It’s also a great way to meet your point of contact face to face to go over any last minute details.
  • Communicate with your team. The first test of your team skills and perhaps the most critical to ensuring everyone gets the most from their event! Before your event make sure you’ve checked with your organiser what’s required from you and communicate this clearly and promptly to your team. This could be details such as bring comfortable shoes, dietary requirements, or even make sure you don’t have a big lunch before!
  • Try to have your numbers finalised. As with 99% of event suppliers and venues, there’s a fixed deadline for submitting your final guest numbers. Where possible a good supplier will look to accommodate an increase/decrease in numbers or change of date, however to minimise your risk, try to have a definite ‘confirmed’ list so that you don’t end up paying for more places than you need.
  • Think about you start and end locations. Often team building events can start and end in two separate locations, therefore think about where’s best for you and your team to end the event at, e.g. the team’s favourite local pub, restaurant, closest tube/train station. For instance our Thames Power Blast gives guests the choice of which pier on the Thames they’d like to embark and disembark at. This’ll help make your event convenient for your team and reduce the likelihood of drop outs after you’ve booked. It’s also an essential step if you plan on heading to a venue after with the team.