End Of Year Madness With Our Television Experience

Last week we welcomed to the 01 Zero One Studio’s in London a group of 48, who were all fantastic participants in our Television Team Day Experience. The participants worked together to put together three different features including a Quiz, Shopping Channel and ‘What’s My Line’ – the exciting show of deduction. The TV Experience is a fantastic team building activity, as every team member has an important role to play in order to put together a live feature. Roles range from presenter to camera operator to producer. Not only is collective responsibility essential but individuals also need to shine as the spotlight falls on them and display qualities such as creativity and confidence.

Camera Operators

First was the filming of a Christmas special ‘Quiz of the Year’, with guests from lots of exotic places including New Zealand and even The North. Did you know that Hamburgers are named not because they contain ham (which they don’t obviously) but because they originated in Hamburg, Germany. I certainly didn’t!

Next up was the ‘Shopping Channel’ feature which saw two highly charismatic presenters, with special guests, selling a variety of goods ranging from a lovely scarf and glove set (predicted to be the next big thing next summer), to a jewellery collection inspired by Barbie. Of particular note however were the ‘Transformers in Disguise’, as seen on ‘Julio Hits the Shops’. One popular caller was even offered a massive 5% discount if she brought 5,000,000 units for her Christmas gifts!

Stars of the Shopping ChannelFinally participants filmed and starred in the show ‘What’s My Line’, hosted by a very professional Tommy Glun. Panellists, comprised of guests such as Pat Butcher and Mike Baldwin, had to use their powers of deduction as well as miming to guess the special guests occupation.

Overall this was a fantastic and fun Christmas team building exercise, with the team really coming together and having a lot of laughs in the process. The production of all three events went very well, with all members of the team effectively carrying out their roles, from cameraman to panellist, and I’d go so far to say that some may even have a second calling as presenters (I’m talking about you Julio)!

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