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We’ve arrived in a fresh new year, full of hope as London moves firmly into the world’s spotlight with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics. We’re often asked when’s the ideal time for team building and more recently is it advisable to hold one in London during the Games. With this in mind we thought we’d offer a summary of the different types of team building events available and also when the best time of the year is to hold them.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Firstly most team building companies will broadly categorise their activities into indoor and outdoor. Most clients typically have a preference for either category. The obvious time of the year for indoor is during the spring/winter months whilst outdoor activities would be summer/autumn (although you could forgive a skeptical look here given the unpredictable British weather!). However not all events fit so neatly into these two categories. For instance we hold outdoor events that fit perfectly with the winter weather. Treasure Hunts during the festive season are fantastic for raising the Christmas spirit. London is particularly festive making it a fantastic location, not to mention the plethora of cocktail bars and pubs teams can retire too after their event!

We like to organise our events into slightly more appealing and evocative categories too. Categories such as musical, artistic or active. With these categories we’re often better able to find out exactly what our client is looking for and also what type of events fit their team best. For instance a musical event may be completely unappealing to one client but the best thing since Beethoven to another!


Musical events we find are great during the short, cold months, as they raise energy levels through the roof. For instance our Global Music Experience takes participants on a trip around the world, taking in the power and energy of music and ‘cultural expressions’ from the different continents. Participants use drumming, percussion, movement and costume to learn new skills and the importance of team work.

Artistic events are great during spring and autumn. Spring’s always an inspirational time, as the sun shines for longer and nature comes out of hibernation. A bold, challenging art event is perfect for invigorating your team and setting them up for a fantastic summer. Our Animation Nation event (contact us for more details) has teams work with a team of professional animators, one of whom worked for Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were-rabbit, creating plasticine characters and bringing them to life through animation. Each plasticine character and animation is their own creation, made using industry standard equipment.

Animation Nation

Finally active events are great during the summer. Longer days give great flexibility in terms of staging large outdoor events and, fingers crossed, the weather is likely to be well matched to a day outside.  Our Ocean Treasure Hunts are simply unbeatable as a team building event when the sun is shining. Or multi-activity days and our It’s a Knockout event are great for outdoor fun and raising morale.

Although we find these different categories work particularly well during certain times of the year that’s not to say they can’t work well at other times. The best judge of that is you! If you sense your team feels lethargic then pick them up with an amazing musical event or if they’re tired creatively then an artistic event could be perfect. We’ve lots of events and the knowledge to organise the event that is best for you.

Ocean Treasure Hunt

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