2012 is a BIG year for film releases and we’ve got just the ticket for those of you looking for something a bit different for your next cinema visit. Our private screening’s offer the best in terms of luxury and exclusivity, providing guests with the ultimate cinema experience.

Private Cinema

We’re sure that ‘Wrath of the Titans’, scheduled for released March 30th, will be a massive release, whilst Dark Shadows has promise with the classic pairing of Tim Burton at the helm and Johnny Depp as the lead. Of course there’s also several big releases missing from our PDF (sorry Mr Bond). If you’d like to see another film that you’ve heard about for 2012 on one of our private screening corporate events, please contact us and we can arrange for the necessary rights from the film studio, whether it’s pre-première, pre-release or general release!

The following PDF contains the movie releases for 2012, provided to us by Warner Bros and Paramount studios. Click here for our PDF packed full of 2012 Movie Releases!