London is widely regarded amongst event planners and tourists alike as one of the most exciting cities in the World. As our friends at 45 Park Lane put it London has an “irresistible spirit, refinement and creative energy of a city quite unlike any other”. This was recently confirmed as it was voted in 2011 as the number one city for events and is consistently one of the most visited cities in the world.

London at night

It’s no surprise then that, with this combination of spirit, refinement and energy and the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, 2012 is set to be the year of corporate entertainment also, as corporates and associates flock to London. Here at Team Tactics we’ve been receiving a steady flow of enquiries since the start of the new year, with clients asking for entertainment that shows cases the best of the Nation’s Capital. With this in mind we’ve created a list of 5 things to consider when booking corporate entertainment, with an emphasis on London.

  1. Your guests’ needs & tastes. The number one consideration is of course catering to you guests’ tastes. Some argue that you should create an event that you’d like to attend which is all well and good if they share the same interests but chances are your going to have an eclectic group. You may love bird watching for instance, but a group of advertising executives probably won’t all share the same passion. Therefore a sound understanding of what your group likes will provide a solid base for creating a resoundingly successful corporate event.
  2. Event objectives. Similarly to point 1, the event objectives are extremely important and need a thorough thought process in order to get the most from your corporate entertainment event. Of course everyone attending must enjoy it but it’s also essential to plan out the objectives of your event, how you expect to achieve them and if your being really scientific, how you expect to measure the success of the event. The majority of client events will be designed to improve business relationships and this should be a natural result from a great event. However you may also wish to for instance communicate the benefits of your new investment program to your clients. The event in this case should therefore include plenty of face time opportunities. Cricket is a fantastic event for this as the relaxed pace of the game allows for a lot more social interaction before, during and after the action.
  3. Location. There’s no doubt about it, London is going to be extremely busy during the Olympics and this certainly has to be taken into consideration. The good news however is that there’s a wealth of transport options for you. For instance a stunning river boat taxi could be a far more glamorous and memorable option for travelling through London and adds a nice twist to the clients’ day. Also when groups are travelling to a venue from different parts of London, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or attraction, always take care to analyse their routes and the nearest tube stations. However this applies for anywhere else in the UK. Overall a careful analysis should be done so that clients and their guests feel secure that they’re being taken care of every step of the way.
  4. Time & Date. Take into context the different industries your clients work in and the departments serve. For instance your clients at a major technology firm aren’t going to be available the month their main competitor releases a new phone model! Again preparation to get to know your clients can pay off dividends here with a fully attended event. Knowing which time suits your clients better and what their weekly schedule (e.g. board meeting every first Monday of the month) can be like allows you to come to a mutually agreeable time.
  5. Legacy. Anyone who follows LOCOG and Ministers knows that the big word on their lips is ‘legacy’. The government and organisers are determined that the Olympics won’t be a one-off event but will leave a lasting impression on all who attend, thus boosting tourism. The same ideal can apply to a corporate event. We like to visit our suppliers and venues before suggesting them to clients, ensuring that only the most spectacular and memorable suggestions make it onto our corporate proposals. It is because of this that we’re able to provide corporate events that clients won’t have experienced before, that will be remembered and contribute to a successful business relationship.