Cheltenham 2012 Round-Up

Well another superb week was had by all who attended Cheltenham Festival this year.  As many of you know this is one of my favourite events and this being my 11th year there it certainly did not disappoint! The atmosphere at Cheltenham really is the key item to it being so successful as the Irish punters and music really do add another dimension to the event.

As the largest race meet in the calendar with over 50,000 people there daily you get a tremendous sense of excitement when you look out from our box balconies and there is a sea of people with roars going up as the horses hurtle up the final straight. Nothing beats it!

Our Needham and Needham facility at Cheltenham Festival was again of an extremely high standard with the staff really working hard to make each day special.  With boxes being able to be made to any size, as long as you book early, you can have an exclusive facility with direct access onto the balconies and a tote betting facility at the end of each floor.  For smaller groups we offer shared boxes on various floors – 4th being the best of course with far reaching views of the entire course although the first floor gives you a sense of being really close to the horses as they gallop to the finish line.

I am always being asked internally why book a Needham & Needham box over the other Glass Fronted boxes and these are my reasons:

  1. Position – the Needham & Needham Boxes are further up the track towards the finishing line thus offering a superior view.
  2. Superior Quality – there is no comparison. They are furnished to a higher standard and there is more space between the boxes. The bar in each of the Needham & Needham Boxes are ‘proper’ bars, whereas the Glass Fronted Boxes have clothed trestle tables as bars.
  3. Wine – we use our own upgraded wine in the Needham & Needham boxes.
  4. Security – as guests arrive, unlike any other area, there is a security guard and a receptionist to welcome everyone. This is important as our guests will feel more secure that only Needham & Needham guests can get access to our boxes.
  5. Exclusive – there are only a limited amount of Needham & Needham Boxes as opposed to the mass market of glass fronted boxes, so clients immediately feel like they are in a Jaguar rather than a Ford Fiesta. Nice but once guests have experienced the Needham & Needham Boxes, they don’t look back!!

Within the box your day starts with tea/coffee and a full bar facility from 10:30!  The Guinness was flowing rather early on a couple of days but as I like to say – it is 5 o’clock somewhere in the world so why feel guilty!  The food was of a particularly high standard this year with generous portions and a fantastic cheese board following dessert – you can always compliment this with a port if you fancy!  If you are still hungry after all that, there is afternoon tea served with sandwiches, cakes and the bar is open until half an hour after the last race.

Our jockey tipsters Sam Thomas and Wayne Hutchinson created a few wins for my guests and give an in-depth talk with good background knowledge from the trainers and owners yards.

To say I am sad at having yet another Cheltenham Festival over is an understatement but we have Cheltenham Festival 2013 to look forward to and I know that most of my guests who attended this year will be returning to the Needham & Needham facility.

We do offer the Glass Fronted boxes and Marquee Facilities which are fantastic for clients with smaller budgets and the catering and service is without doubt on an equal footing with the Needham boxes.

Thank you to all the clients who attended with us – it was lovely to catch up with you all – and I look forward to seeing you next year.  For those who missed the spectacular festival, please do have a look at our website and the reviews and make the decision to book your Cheltenham Festival hospitality for 2013!

Hellen Kelly
Events Director

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