As many of our clients know, we’re constantly searching for the latest innovative team building events. This may be using the latest technology such as our GPS Treasure Hunts, or this may be working with industry professionals who’ll share their passion and knowledge to create a unique team building event. We’re proud to work with a number of professionals to provide a different kind of team building that not only helps improve teams but is a fun and memorable event for them all to share. Below are four of our best team building events, facilitated by true professionals.

Television Experience

  1. Jeff Rich Drumming Master Class. Our Jeff Rich Masterclass event will give guests an insight into life in the rock’n’roll industry, as well as an unforgettable drumming class with the legendary Status Quo drummer Jeff Rich. Jeff has been providing school workshops for years and now with Team Tactics you can learn from one of the best! You’ll learn about the history of drums as well as get to play on African drums and even Jeff’s own drum kit.
  2. Animation Nation. We’ve been talking about Animation Nation quite a bit recently thanks to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we’ve had regarding the event and we’re especially proud of the results our clients have achieved. Our Head Animator has previously worked with Aardman Studios on the Wallace and Gromit film ‘Curse of the Were-Rabbit’ and brings a wealth of passion and knowledge to the event. Teams work with our team of animators to create short animations that can be around a theme; thus far the most popular option is to create animations showing the company’s values, such as ‘Innovation’ or ‘Respect’.
  3. Mad Hatter Team Building. Another new event for 2012, our Mad Hatter team building events bring together a fantastic social experience with a really high-quality creative event. Teams will work will a renown milliner and her team of professionals to create their own fascinator or hat. Our Head Milliner is an established name in the fashion world and has a host of celebrity fans of her work. Participants will use a range of luxury materials and enjoy a insight into the fashion world, as well as a lovely tea party with vintage tea sets and cakes and pastries.
  4. Television Experience. Our Television Experience event has been a staple of our team building portfolio for several years now thanks to the continued efforts of our Head of Production – who has over 30 years experience – to keep the format relevant and entertaining. Our Head of Production has numerous contacts throughout the global industry and extensive knowledge in all Film and Broadcast Television equipment and procedures. Using professional studios and equipment teams will experience the world of television broadcasting just as the professionals do!

Mad Hatter Tea Party