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Over the past month we’ve been updating one of our most popular team building events in London – the Cab Clue Trail – adding new destinations in Central London as well as updating questions for our existing destinations. Our aim is provide a fun but interesting treasure hunt across London’s most iconic and charming destinations, incorporating facts and references to historical moments in London’s history as well as some more light-hearted questions.

Royal Guard

Our new destinations include the world famous St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and in honour of the Cultural Olympiad, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. We’ve added questions related to the Olympics and London’s royal connection to reflect the huge interest in the 2012 Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The result is our best Cab Clue Trail yet!

And so after hours considering, designing and writing the questions we thought it’d be rude not to share a couple of our favourite questions on our blog! Below are a couple of our favourite bits of trivia, destination riddles as well as a couple sights you may come across on your travels through London.

Riddle 1: “Their display of colour is like no other, Horses in procession offer a right royal protection”

The answer to this riddle is a truly wonderful destination in London, full of history and tradition and one which made an appearances during the Royal Wedding last year as well as annual ceremonies such as Beating Retreat. Interestingly, this destination was used by King Henry VIII to stage tournaments too which is amusing given it’s to be used as an Olympic venue during the summer (although there is admittedly a difference between jousting and beach volleyball)!

Riddle 2: “You would need to get agreement with this assembly of witches, For Alan to work his magic and Charlie Dimmock to clear the ditches”

Perhaps my favourite riddle, this destination is a London favourite for tourists as well as residents! Although now a beautifully modern-ish destination, there is a wealth of history here. For example Punch and Judy The Puppet Show as we commonly know it was first performed at this destination. It was witnessed by the famous English diarist Samuel Pepys before going on to be performed at countless fairs and birthday parties!

Giant M&M!

So there you have it, a small taste of what you can expect during the Cab Clue Trail! I’d best not give any more riddles or trivia away lest you gain an unfair advantage should you decide to participate in London’s premier treasure hunt. If you think you know the answer to the above riddles then get let us know by leaving a comment below.

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