The weather forecast this morning for May wasn’t the most positive viewing, with flood warnings issued across the South (as well as assertions the hose pipe ban will still be in force through to the winter at least)! However our spirits here at Team Tactics are undampened and we’re confident that this May is a still a great month to hold a corporate team building event.

Corporate team building

We’ve put together this list of team building events that Team Tactics can bring to your offices this month, in which all you have to do is bring your game face! You and your team will reap the rewards of boosted morale and increased enthusiasm for the busy summer months ahead from a fun and challenging team building event.

  • Animation Nation. We recently held Animation Nation at our client Elexon’s London-based offices. It has been perhaps our most successful team building event this year. Our team arrived early to set up the recording platforms and lay out the team’s materials for the event. The participants were split into 5 groups, each tasked with creating their own plasticine character to feature in a group animation.
  • Beat the Clock. Beat the Clock was made as an office team building event and can be set up and removed in a short time frame. Unlike many events the overall objective of Beat the Clock is so simple people can get into it straight away. There are no complex briefs or long winded sessions; teams are given their ‘treasure chests’ and dive straight into one of our 150 mini challenges!
  • Breaking News. Breaking News is a fantastic light-hearted event that uses hilarious props and briefs. All we require is teams to use their wit, humour and glamour to bring to life their very own production!
  • Drumming & The Haka. Our musical events, and Drumming and The Haka in particular, are fantastic value and perfect for picking up a team’s energy. There are no huge space requirements. We’ve even done this in a department store one evening! The team took part in a range of musical activities.
  • The Thriller Experience. This is a great ‘quick’ team building event, perfect for a boost to your team’s effectiveness and one which we can tailor to last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. We’ll provide costumes and props and our professional choreographer will teach your team the moves and mannerisms needed to nail a finale performance of Thriller. We’ve once even held The Thriller Experience in a client’s gym which you can see in the picture below!

Thriller in the gym