Many of you may have visited the superb Leonardo da Vinci exhibition ‘Painter at the Court of Milan’ exhibition held at the National Gallery last winter. The exhibition, as Waldemar Januszcak in the Sunday Times Culture magazine put it, changed perceptions of Leonardo as “an all rounder of genius who did some art” to “a painter of genius who did some all-rounding”.

Now once again Leonardo da Vinci has returned to London, this time appearing at The Queen’s Gallery, however exhibiting a very different side to his genius. Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist is the new Leonardo Da Vinci London exhibition of the Royal Collection’s collection of his anatomical drawings. Thought to have been first acquired by Charles II, this collection is the largest of it’s kind and was only first published in 1900.

Da Vinci Anatomical Drawing Of A Skull

Leonardo’s initial foray into the world of anatomy is shown in drawings of the human head which appear to draw on the then ‘understanding’ of the brain. It’s hardly surprising given his nature, that Leonardo was not content to accept the existing knowledge of the human head and so the exhibition documents Leonardo’s progression through his impressive anatomical drawings.

It’s no overstatement to say that Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings are ground breaking. Not only was Leonardo teaching himself as he went along, he was inventing a new style of biology. Drawings such as that of the human spine or the map of the arteries provide, as Waldemar Januszcak eloquently states, a “sense of movement, a thoroughly convincing corporeality and, above all, that uniquely Leonardoesque sense that you are somehow able to look thoroughly into the human skin to a precisely observed inner reality”.

The Queen’s Gallery itself is a wonderful venue. Located on the West side of Buckingham Palace, it offers an intimate and unique setting for corporate guests in the heart of London. Team Tactics are proud to offer our clients bespoke corporate events including a private viewing of The Queen’s Gallery alongside a luxury dinner at one of London’s best restaurants.

Da Vinci Drawing Of A Human From Behind

With your private viewing you and your guests will enjoy The Queen’s Gallery after it has closed it’s doors to the public, providing complete privacy as well as exclusivity. Your private evening viewing allows plenty of time at which to view the wondrous drawings as well as face to face time with clients and/or staff. The evening viewing finishes with a glass of Champagne and the opportunity to enjoy a 20% discount in The Queen’s Gallery gift shop.

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