Helicopters – THE Way In And Out Of Events

In this world of economic unrest the word ‘austerity’ keeps popping up. When searching under Wikipedia, ‘austerity’ is a loose term referring to policy of deficit-cutting by lowering spending. In the world of corporate events, admittedly we do have some clients looking to cut their budgets but still entertain corporate guests. However, in the past couple of weeks, austerity hasn’t quite fit our clients brief!

For one client we created a day of thanking key distributors for their level of business achieved over the year. The client specified that as part of this day, they didn’t just want a sightseeing tour over London; they wanted the best helicopter and wanted to truly WOW their clients. Delighted to help, Team Tactics supplied the best there is in Europe, a Sikorsky S92, owned by Sir X, and used by many celebrities.

However, having such a big beast as a means of transfer sometimes does have it pitfalls; at Le Manior aux Quat Saisons the Sikorsky S92 would have pebbled dashed all the cars parked in the car park (the helipad is adjacent) and so a bigger landing pad slightly further afield is required. But what an awesome sight!

Helicopter in London

Similarly, we have just provided another client entertaining event at theGoodwood Festival of Speed, with the same high end experience. Something under consideration at the moment is an option for a client to entertain overseas clients, incorporating a helicopter experience with a high end dining experience, though I personally find £733 per person a bit on the high side!

So whether its motor events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed or more bespoke, creative events which we are so good at, Team Tactics are here to listen to the type of client entertaining you wish to do. We promise to surprise you with what you can do!

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