It’s now just under a week till 1,000 boats muster upon the River Thames to take part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The Pageant is set to be one of the largest ever flotillas to be seen on the River Thames and will celebrate Her Majesty’s 60 year reign.

To say there’ll be a mixture of boats taking part in the procession would be an understatement to say the least, as all manner of boats ranging from historic boats to those currently used by the armed forces, will take part. There’ll be a range of boats performing different elements, such as a floating belfry whose bells will be answered by all of the riverbank churches along the route. Most excitingly for us howeverare the musical barges that will be full of musicians performing as they travel down the Thames.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra, which is set to be placed on the rearmost boat, will play a range of themes relevant to the landmarks they’re passing. And as you may have now guessed from this blog’s title, this includes the James Bond theme as the barge passes MI6 headquarters near Vauxhall Bridge!

MI6 Building from The River Thames

The James Bond fans amongst you will know the Thames is no stranger to Mr Bond, with the incredible opening scene of ‘The World Is Not Enough’ featuring Bond chasing a villain down the River Thames up to the O2. In fact that opening scene inspired our special ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ theme for our London team building event the ‘Thames Power Blast’!

Similarly to James Bond, participants of our Shaken Not Stirred event will power their way along the Thames past landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the House of Parliament, with the debonair skipper opening up the engines once near the O2 arena. In a test of your spy abilities there’s also a fun James Bond-themed quiz full of amusing and interesting trivia. For instance, did you know Roger Moore suffered from Hoplophobia (a fear of firearms)!? Apparently countless scenes had to be rerecorded as a result!

So if you want to hold your own corporate version of a classic, contact us today and we’ll create the event just for you! Otherwise enjoy the Jubilee weekend celebrations wherever you are; we’ve been reliably informed that the place to watch the Thames Pageant is around the Tate Modern. Just remember that the Millennium Footbridge is invite only.

Thames Power Blast