Take To The Great Outdoors With These 6 Treasure Hunt Team Building Events

With thousands of families taking to the skies on their annual summer holiday or flocking to the beach, why not make the most of the long summer days and (hopefully) Great British weather?! We’ve 6 awesome treasure hunt team building events on offer that will refresh your team’s spirit ahead of ‘back to school’.


Our treasure hunt team building events use Samsung Galaxy Tabs to deliver our most interactive and exciting hunts ever. Using a specially created app, teams must navigate their way to GPS hot-spots in order to unlock the clues and take on hilarious challenges such as ‘strike a pose’. The GPS app also lets participants see where the competing teams are which create a fantastic level of competitiveness!

  • City Voyager. We’re able to hold our GPS treasure hunt team building events in most UK cities as well as select European cities. Our City Voyager hunt is a classic, allowing you and your team to take on the hunt challenge in a city near you or at a favourite city destination.
  • Huntathlon. Get your team in the sporting spirit for 2012 with the Olympic-themed Huntathlon treasure hunt. Equipped with our Galaxy Tabs, teams will go to head to head around your chosen location and must answer a range of sporting and Olympic questions, challenges and tasks.
  • Pub Explorer. Been working too hard this year? Then enjoy a well earned drink with our Pub Explorer treasure hunt! The specifically designed Pub Challenger GPS will see teams navigate their way to local pubs with a series of challenges and questions chucked in along the way. Perfect as an alternative to the standard ‘office drinks’!
  • Hunt For The Apprentice. We’ve all watched The Apprentice and thought ‘I could do better than that!’. Well now’s your chance to find out with Hunt For The Apprentice. This highly challenging treasure hunt tasks the teams with a list of items they must buy with a limited cash budget. It’ll test your team’s creativity and leadership as well as their business acumen, negotiating skills, planning and time management. Time is money so teams must maximize the most of their time in this fast paced event!
  • Spy Hunt. Armed with our Galaxy Tabs, teams must locate the ‘recce’ spots to unlock their Spy-themed tasks. The main objective is to locate the ‘mole’ which will also require your teams to decipher codes, identify secret locations and undertake surveillance photography. This hunt is a must for all Spy-lovers out there and great for getting your team involved in a theme!
  • Comic Strip Creations. For all superheroes fans Comic Strip Creations is the one for you! Teams must create their own comic strip by making their costumes, props and then shooting the photos using our Samsung Galaxy Tabs. We can create a story line of your choice but remember the other teams will also be contributing to yours. There’ll be plenty of Super Hero trivia to answer as well in order for teams to score bonus points. The fun culminates at the end with the final team ‘Comic Strip’ being unveiled on screen! The photos at the end are great as an office memento and we’ve even had one client who used their Comic Strip Creations event to create their own office calendar.

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