How To Get The Most From Your Team Building Events

A team building event is not a regular event. There’s a lot of planning and thought that goes into successful team building events. Therefore it’s key to make the most of the time and money that is invested into it, in order to squeeze as much value out of it as possible. Of course it helps for a start that the event is of a high quality and also has some degree of originality about it.

Experience has shown us that if there’s little about the event in terms of uniqueness or novelty then you’ll struggle to garner any interest. That’s exactly why we aim to offer our clients something innovative and completely different on our team building events. But there’s still plenty you can do too. Follow these simple steps to make your next event a success and take in the adoration of your colleagues when they’re blown away by a fun and effective team building event.


We’ll start with the most obvious tip – preparation. Small steps such as fact sheets detailing the day’s itinerary, directions, what to wear etc can make a big difference to those attending and help them to feel relaxed about the event. A site visit can also be extremely beneficial, particularly for larger groups as it can help you to build up a better picture in your mind of how the event is to run and iron out any issues before the day.

Furthermore the brief needs to be clear and unambiguous so that the event providers. Of course it’s up to the event providers to ask the right questions in order to understand your requirements but it does help to have an good think about what you want to achieve. It’s good to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from the event and a thought process the event provider can identify with.


What you want to achieve from the team building event will largely depend on those taking part in it and so you must account for the different personalities within your group. After all, there is a reason Belbin developed their team roles. Whilst you may not wish or in fact need to go so far as have your team’s roles analysed, it’s important to recognise that all teams will have strengths and weaknesses due to the different personalities within it. For example their may be no natural leaders within your team and so there’ll be an obvious lack of leadership which in turn can directly affect decision making and indirectly impact on morale.

Also it’s important to bear in mind the more obvious features of your group such as age and gender. Your team has to be genuinely interested in the event in order to get the most out of it and this won’t happen if there’s a lack of thought into their likes and dislikes. It’d be dangerous to make generalisations but whilst many team buildings events are generally universal in their appeal, many are not!


Finally any restrictions in place at the venue must be considered. For instance if we’re running a drumming event it’s no good if we turn up to find there’s a large conference going on also at the venue and we need to ‘keep the noise down’! Therefore we always find out if there’re any restrictions, particularly for the noisier musical and active team building events we offer. Whilst this is the duty of the event provider to research fully it is still worth bearing in mind what restrictions there may be due to the venue, especially if you’ve requested a specific one such as your offices.

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