Effective Musical Team Building Events

There can be no better advert or testament to the power of music, and particularly drumming, than that shown at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, where Britain’s industrial revolution was brought to life in spectacular fashion by 965 drummers. Led by the deaf drummer Dame Evelyn Glennie, the drummers pounded their powerful beat on buckets and tubs, creating an extraordinary beat full of emotion.

It may have been awhile since the Olympic Opening Ceremony but I’m sure it’s still fairly fresh in many minds. The intensity of this particular part of the ceremony I know deeply resounded with many, highlighting why drumming is such a sought-after human experience. And it is no surprise that drumming has also featured heavily in past Olympics, notably appearing at both Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympics. The power of drumming comes from it’s ability to evoke strong emotions and feelings. It also highlights the power of teamwork through such inspirational images.

We and our professional facilitators understand this power and look to leverage it for corporate groups. With decades of experience, our facilitators are experts in bringing the best out of corporate groups by encouraging participation and creating a fun environment for all to work in. Drumming is undeniably infectious and led by our facilitators, participants won’t be able to help but get involved!

We offer a range of musical corporate team building events from the STOMP-inspired Junk Funk to the multi-cultural Global Music Experience. Each offers a different theme to appeal to the participants but all share the same common power of drumming. Our internationally recognised facilitators build section upon section of simple yet effective rhythms and movements, culminating in a high energy grand finale performed by all the participants.

Our Junk Funk event is based on the musical smash hit production STOMP. Complete with orange vests, brooms, dustbins and hard hats; our team bursts into the room, with their infectious urban rhythms and high energy antics. Using body percussion, anything they can hit and vocal noises, we instantly create a pulsating groove, and perform for your guests delight. After our high energy performance, we transform your guests into a funky junk percussion group, using buckets, pipes, ladders, traffic cones and dustbin lids, oven trays, loo brushes and rubber gloves.

Or we offer our classic Drumming Workshop in which we use a range of exotic instruments from around the world such as surdos, snare drums, kettle drums, floor drums, cymbals, tambourines, triangles, guiros, agogos, cuicas, cow bells and shakers. Also we’re sponsored by Remo so you can be sure that the drums we provide are of the highest quality!

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