Corporate Dinner Entertainment At It’s Finest

As the nights draw in earlier and the summer events season (and what a season it’s been for the UK!) finishes, it’d be unsurprising to hear that many corporate event planners are feeling a little down. However just because the sun is not out for as long and the mercury has dropped, it doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to be cheerful about this autumn/winter.

We love corporate dinner entertainment especially in the winter when the atmosphere can be particularly special. A well planned corporate evening event can be a lot more intimate than a large scale outdoor event and so perfect for developing personal relationships. There is also a certain level of prestige associated with corporate dinner entertainment that makes it suitable for entertaining important clients.

We aim to offer ‘something different’ and our corporate dinner entertainment certainly reflects that. As members of Mosimann’s private dining club in Belgravia, we’re specially placed to offer an exclusive restaurant in which to hold one of our corporate dinner entertainment events such as an Antiques Curio or Wine Matching.

Our Antiques Curio is a wonderful dinner event, in which guests are presented with a range of intriguing antiques by our Antiques Expert Paul Viney. Over the course of the evening Paul will ask guests what they believe the items are as well as various other questions such as the items worth. Paul has worked for the National Trust as well as annually hosts an auction for Children in Need on BBC Radio 2 and his fun, witty speeches make for a very special evening of light hearted but interesting entertainment.

Alternatively we’re able to hold a wine tasting evening at Mosimann’s, in which our sommelier will match wines to a sumptuous 3-course meal. Prior to dining, our sommelier offers guests a selection of wines for tasting which guests will also answer multiple choice questions on. At the end of the tasting session guests will be able to order their preferred wines to accompany their dinner.

For those looking for a little more visual entertainment in the evening we have our fantastic private screening events. Our luxurious private screening rooms will make a fantastic impression on guests with deep leather seats and state-of-the-art screening facilities. You can take your pick from upcoming releases or pick an old favourite to watch. And with adjoining private dining rooms you can enjoy a wonderful meal; we’re even able to arrange for extras such as Champagne & canapes receptions as well as treats for whilst you’re watching the movie.

We also arrange many bespoke corporate dinner evenings throughout the year. Our team are simply full of ideas for evening entertainment so speak to a member of the team today and we’ll hope to inspire your next event!

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