Wow, what a day! Yesterday Team Tactics hosted an amazing day at our Kent Multi activity site. Being lucky enough to have such an amazing job, where you can go out and about and experience the events you sell is a one in a kind.

I arrived to our Kent venue and was met by our amazing onsite staff, who are helpful, smiley and hands on. It can sometimes be daunting for a client to turn up to such a big venue and wonder where you have got to go etc but the guys were on hand and ready to make sure the day started as it was meant to carry on.

My client arrived and had a pre-event meeting in our warm lodge type room. A meeting as part of a corporate event is often quite a useful and can be an integral part of an overall staff out of office event.

I went and met the client straight away and was washed with an array of compliments about how the morning had been and the client had only had the meeting – none of our activities as yet! They were so happy with the staff and the room they were presented with. With the client being from the city, some of them had never seen fields and greenery of this standard, one of them even commenting “I have just seen a cow!” Working in the city and then coming to a place like Kent, is a breath of fresh air from London (quite literally!)

After enjoying a sumptuous lunch (which received a lot of compliments) the team were ready to start their afternoon of activities, the rain had been and gone, leaving a wet and muddy terrain, perfect for the activities that were to commence.

I was lucky enough to join team 3 for their day of activities, taking photos and experiencing the activities first hand. Team 3 were a man down and asked me to step up to the plate (they didn’t want to lose any points now did they!), first we hit the 4 x 4 driving activity, now that’s an experience I can tell you! I had always had notions of 4 x 4 driving but it was nothing to the actual experience of being part of it. The format of the activity is to put a team of 4 into the vehicle together, I often thought the passengers may find it a little boring (being a back seat driver), how wrong I was! The adrenaline from being a passenger, when off – roading is just as exciting (if not more) than being the driver. We were taken into the woods and thrashed around, over muddy hills, into dips and through deep puddles. The variety of driving skills from the “drivers” in the 4 x 4 added to the excitement, one being a non driver, two females and an ex military man, who had experience of driving tanks! We had a few close shaves, one tree becoming a particular “friend” of the event! However we made it out unscathed and absolutely buzzing from the hilarity and excitement of what we had experienced! Highly recommended!

superb 4 x 4 course

Next it was onto the clay pigeon shooting. I was very impressed with the logistics of getting from one activity to another, it ran smoothly, you never felt lost, rushed or thinking when are moving on! It just ran perfectly and professionally, adding no stress to the day at all! Amazing!

Everyone was slightly (quietly) nervous about the shooting event, as the pressure was certainly on, again we had an array of skills, some people never having shot before, those that had, had a go and of course our ex military man! Each team member stepped up to the plate and was given 8 rounds. Two skills were offered, one being a slow, eye on target shot and one fast passed swing movement on the gun! Adrenaline appeared again! The instructor was absolutely brilliant, looking the part and knowing his stuff! He was encouraging, clear and concise. He was a real hit with the client, which was great! We all managed to hit at least 3 clays out of 8, with two of the gents getting 8 out of 8 and myself managing a very gallant 6! Clear to say I was very happy with this as it was from the fast swing shots that I managed my best scores! When we had all hit 8 clays each we waited for the next 4 x 4 team to come so we could jump in the vehicles and move onto the next activity, we had a few minutes to wait and the instructor was very kind to offer out extra shots to the team, with a couple of the guys opting to try some more, as they loved it so much!

The next group arrived and we took some pictures and hopped back in the 4 x 4’s to hit our final activity…. the quad safari! This was the one I had been waiting for all day! This was the event I was very excited about and it didn’t disappoint! This activity is a must! If you don’t do anything else, you must experience the quad safari! We met back at the lodge and were kitted out by the instructors, helmets, water proofs, protective eye wear the works! Its safe to say we looked amazing!! We all headed out to the quad bikes and were given a thorough briefing by our instructor. All was done step by step and left everyone feeling safe in the knowledge of using the quads, we practiced moving forward and reversing before we set off. We were then led off through the orchards, what a beautiful sight to see too! There was a real sense of freedom being out there with the wind blowing over your face and the humming of the quad engine to accompany you! The speed was just right, with each member of the team deciding how hard they hit that throttle. We hit a man made track and were given a few minutes to get the feel of the quads before we went off into the woods. I never thought I’d say this, but the mud made this event so much more fun! As we sped along, the mud was kicking up over our heads, we were slipping about on the tracks, making it exhilarating! We went deep into the woods, down steep hills and through muddy puddles, seeing some pheasants and a deer on the way!! This was an amazing sight for the team from the city as many of them will never have and maybe never will, again see a wild deer!

After our cross country experience we headed back into the man made track and were entered into a real competitive task, all focusing on one quad, having to tag team around the track in as quick as time as we could, this was absolutely brilliant, it got every exciting, and everyone was working together, this was a real “difference” from the other activities we had done. A great way to round off the event. The instructor was friendly and provided great banter for the team, another amazing addition to the Kent multi activity onsite team!

This amazing multi activity day was now closing to an end and we headed back to the lodge, finally being able to get those “cool” clothes off! We went into the warmth and the dry, where the log burner, tea, coffee and sumptuous cakes (again receiving a wash of compliments) waited. The onsite team quickly gathered the end results of the day together and presented the teams with them. Team 3 came out victorious! Winning an amazing gift of an hour and half quad biking vouchers each! The team were very happy with this and were free to stay as long as they wanted before setting back off to the hustle and bustle of London. We took an end group photo and said goodbye.

The day exceeding my expectations and the activities came together perfectly and complimented each other, the staff were an array of splendour and are a real credit to themselves and to our Kent site!