Andy Murray For BBC Sports Personality Of The Year?

I think every person in Britain who follows tennis would have thought that, since Andy Murray’s victory over Federer during the Olympics, he can go on to achieve bigger and greater things. They are not wrong.

Ivan Lendl, the new man in Andy’s life who has been credited with bringing better fitness, greater will power to Andy’s game, has said himself, he expects him to go and win more since the breakthrough of his victory against Novak Djokovic, in the US Open.  This is his first grand slam victory. Again, tennis fans recall super cool Ivan at Wimbledon Tennis last year. ‘Cracking shot’ Andy, dead pan face for Ivan. ‘Corker of a missed opportunity Andy’, dead pan face for Ivan!!

The four Grand Slams, also called Majors, are the most important annual tennis tournaments. They affect the players rankings, points and prize money. They are Australian Open in January, French Open in May/June, Wimbledon in June/July and US Open in August/September

A classic understatement of Lendl “I didn’t come here to have a good time, I came here to help Andy win. He did, so it’s job done.”

As stated in the Telegraph Andy Murray plans to attend the Sports Personality of the year on Sunday 16th December. This is partly due to him being free and also because he has a chance of winning! Though saying that, his form has been somewhat hit and miss and many think that now he is focussing on the Major Tournaments.

However, there are many more names to put into the mix for Sports Personality of The Year, due to the multitude of medals Britain achieved in the Olympic and Paralympics. Outside of this must also surely include  Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and USPGA champion Rory McIlroy.  Lets not forget Ian Poulter too, as an hugely influential team player in Europe’s Ryder Cup team. Poulter more than proved himself by winning all four of his matches. And for all those that were watching, they were key victories too. I have read somewhere that the Ryder Cup is the 3rd most watched sporting event worldwide, so should this be a factor? The public shall decide!

There is some superb tennis tournaments over the next year in Britain. As I write, ATP Tennis, followed by The Statoil Masters at The Royal Albert Hall. In 2013, it’s the Aegon Championships at The Queen’s Club and culminates in the big UK Grand Slam, Wimbledon.

So if anybody want to root for Andy Murray next year at a Grand Slam, do join us for some Wimbledon Tennis Hospitality 2013! See you there!

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