Ready Steady Christmas Cooking

It’s that time of year again! The Christmas Countdown! Working in the corporate hospitality field has its perks but never so much as it does at Christmas. We have events flying off the shelves left right and centre, with Christmas cooking being the most popular! We literally have about 3 dates left in the December calendar. WOW! It’s easy to see why. I have put together some information together to explain just why this event is so amazing and popular for both a staff and a client event!Corporate Cooking Events



Cooking & Christmas Team Building

Finding a fun, exciting and inspiring activity to motivate and entertain your staff at Christmas is no easy task. People want something “different”. Trying to break tradition with the old hat of a “dinner and dance” is proving very popular these days! Corporate Cooking being the most popular alternative event!

Team Tactics interactive corporate cooking classes have been specially designed to suit everyone, whether your staff consider themselves the next Champion of Masterchef or have a ‘can’t cook, wont cook’ attitude in the kitchen – we have seen all kinds! Expert, professional chefs will guide your staff through the event, helping them create tasty, seasonal menus, making the experience memorable, fun and jolly festive! This event pulls out the traditional, “food and drink” option as well as keeping it fresh, different and new! Guests are able to enjoy a Champagne reception of arrival, their own cooking along the way as well as a few well earned glasses of wine to top of a truly festive day or night!

Christmas Cooking and Corporate Hospitality

An interactive cooking and dining experience is perfect for building key business relationships and what a better way to build relationships than over Christmas when everyone is in the party mood! Cook and chat with your business guests in a contemporary kitchen and relax with some champagne in your own private, luxury dining space. Perhaps if the budget is there, upgrade the menu. Even offering to create branded aprons for your event or provide gift boxes from their kitchen boutiques, really adds that personal touch.







Where it all began… The TV!

Whether or not you like TV chefs like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver, you have to give it to them, they are incredibly skilled. Busy kitchens can be stressful places, especially for the professionals, and you often see potential disasters miraculously averted at the last moment. Leadership and teamwork are essential and however disagreeable his manner, Ramsay is a brilliant leader (editor says…emmm!!)

Corporate cooking classes are far more fun and relaxing than the cheffing you see on TV, but iot still require leadership, teamwork and an ability to work under some degree pressure. Your team aren’t Michelin starred chefs, we know that, and the food won’t be served to the London public, but they will still want to get it right. People have to have a clear role and manage their time effectively to deliver the goods.

Cookery can bring people together in surprising ways, as well. Without exception, everyone enjoys food and can cook to a certain level. Whereas some corporate activities may alienate some employees who have no interest, corporate cooking can provide common ground between people who previously hadn’t had much to talk about. Cooking breaks down barriers and helps people communicate more effectively. It builds trust and confidence on all levels.

Although the cooking in itself is great fun, the real treat for your staff comes at the end of the day when they can eat what they’ve created. Having done it myself and enjoyed every mouthful I know! Having the opportunity to get everyone together to discuss the experience is incredibly useful, both so they can laugh about their mistakes and reflect on what they have learned.



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