Another Successful Christmas Event Under Our Belt!

Last night I was treated to sharing my client’s Christmas Party with 70 guests taking part in our Great North Pole Buffet corporate cookery event. Held at the newest of our cookery venues located literally around the corner from St Paul’s tube, the group had an evening of frivolity whilst learning several new skills to wow future dinner guests!

During December we have offered guests a glass of champagne on arrival to kick start their event as well as festive hats which although not compulsory, are well received (especially the Christmas tree boppers I ordered!) and make the atmosphere extremely festive.  With tinselled tree, Christmas music and plenty of wine poured, our corporate cooking commenced with 6 teams each going to a ‘station’.  As an additional option, guests can book a superb cocktail making experience which really adds an extra dimension to the cookery.

For groups up to 20 we offer a seated 3 course meal however for larger groups it works so much better having a grazing buffet which the client picks 3 main courses and two desserts from a mouth watering selection and as standard, we offer a meat a la plancha plus fish/meat brochettes with the appropriate salsa.

Each dish is made at a ‘station’ and with Laura wielding her gong when it is time to move on, teams visit each one, are shown by the Chef how to prepare the dish and then they cook it themselves!  Eating as they move around means that no-one ever goes hungry and all get to try each dish and hopefully learn a new preparation skill from each one!  As cocktails were also included, guests took part in making two cocktails during the evening.  The Mixologist is superb and effortlessly creates a masterpiece which is actually a lot harder to do when I tried!  Burning orange peel for flavour, squeezing and mixing techniques plus the obligatory ‘shakes’ are all techniques which guests learnt plus creating their own drink to enjoy!

As guests move around the stations, the Chef awards gold stars for skills, preparation techniques, presentation on the finished article etc and these are placed on a board so everyone can see who is in the lead and how many they need to get to beat them.  This really does keep the competition fierce and I must say that last night there were a couple of people ‘moving’ other teams stars to their own section!  We soon realised we needed to keep a sharp eye on the board from that point on!

After a 20 minute break where the Chefs clear the kitchen and set-up the two dessert stations – last night we had a chocolate fountain with marshmallows plus guests learnt the careful art of soufflé making with chocolate and praline – a member of each team takes park in the Crepe Cook-Off to earn the final points of the competition!  Whilst desserts are being devoured, we add up the stars and the scores are announced.  A bottle of champagne is included with the package as a prize however a lot of clients purchase gift vouchers for the cookery shop so the winners can choose something on the night that is useful to them personally.  Vouchers are a super way to finish the event off and guests tend to purchase items for a skill they have learnt that evening!

Our package includes half a bottle of wine per person but last night’s group had an unlimited tab so the drink was flowing well into the evening!

We have various locations for corporate cooking events in Central London as well as several event formats to suit your group size and requirements.  We do our utmost to accommodate any special dietaries along with seasonal menu changes to ensure we are using the best produce available.

Please do have a look on our website and Facebook pages at all the super reviews we have received from highly satisfied clients along with pictures of the events.  You really won’t regret booking a Cookery Challenge with us!


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