Controversial Christmas?

With Christmas only a week away, it would seem the holiday fever is wide spread. The result perhaps because keeping up with the latest festive news and thoughts has never been easier! You only have to pop onto twitter to see the corporate market going mad for “Christmas”, Christmas entertaining, Work Christmas Parties etc. Christmas is currently trending worldwide with ample admiration for the magical time of year!

However it would seem Christmas tweeting is about to see a new approach. The U.K’s most senior Bishops are planning tweeting their Christmas day sermons for the very first time. Christmas eve and Christmas day Twitter followers will be exposed to the church of England’s Christmas message, broadcast worldwide using this revolutionary platform.

The campaign will use the hashtag #christmasstartswithchrist and will be live to use this Christmas eve, but with such a broad audience will the campaign be prosperous or simply a direction for slander?

So this Christmas what will you be re-tweeting? We want to know your thoughts on this controversial approach to Christmas, or Christmas entertaining?. Tweet us @team_tactics

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Written by Kelly Langiano

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