Ice Sculpture - Team BuildingEnjoying the magic winter landscape, or sick of the snow? Get in the seasonal spirit with our unique ice carving team building event.

Chaos on the roads, bitterly cold weather and the nation grinding to a standstill. Snow has descended on the landscape, bringing its familiar disruption. Car tyres skidding on the road, we grit our teeth and curse the lack of grit on the roads.

And yet, stuck at home, staring out the window it is hard not to be struck by a sense of wonderment at this Christmas-card winter landscape. This disruptive dusting of snow brings a beauty which is hard to blame.

As children, we see the snow with a sense of fun, magic and adventure. As adults we ‘know better’ but there is a small part of us that remembers that same joy of playing in the snow.

The majesty of winter is also captured in many classic works of film and literature; The Chronicles of Narnia, The Snowman and more recent classics such as the bewitching Edward Scissor hands –a boy with blades for fingers who delights the townsfolk with his wondrous ice sculptures.

If you and your workmates are resenting the winter weather, why not join Team Tactics in banishing the winter blues and rediscovering the winter magic by creating your own ice sculptures with our Ice Carving corporate team building event?

Team Building

Ice carving is a mobile event and is available throughout the UK at all times of year. With the guidance of our professional instructors, large ice sculptures are carved between teams of up to 5. This hands on experience is perfect for stimulating interaction between participants; making it perfect as a team-building activity or conference energiser. This can also be a bespoke corporate event, perhaps incorporating your company logo.

The unique and interesting skill involved gives Ice Carving a natural air of exclusivity and so also works brilliantly as an evening event, incorporating drinks and a meal. For an extra special touch, evening events can be hosted at ICEBAR London – the UK’s only permanent bar made of ice. Here guests can enjoy superb catering as well as ice cocktails inside the ICEBAR.

Whether you’re looking for a team building exercise or corporate event, Ice Carving is the perfect way to break the ice!