What is Team Building?

What is Team Building? It is a phrase frequently used in business language – often in the jargonistic fashion of vaguely used phrases that those using them think everyone should know whilst everyone else is too embarrassed to ask.

In fact there are many definitions but it is perhaps best defined as ‘The activities undertaken to motivate the members of a team and increase the overall performance of the team.’ (Business Dictionary.com)

What is achieved by Team Buidling?

As alluded to above there are 3 key benefits to be derived by a team and its members from team building.

  1. Extra motivation for a team getting involved in fun, participative activity, that provides a mental and psychological boost through a break from their ordinary routine and a fun experience, refreshing them for future challenges.
  2. Improved team spirit through a shared team experience and shared memories, building personal and professional understanding.
  3. Improved functioning as a team through activities requiring the team to work together, mentally, physically or just by encouraging each other.
Client at Drumming Workshop in Corporate Team Building Activity

Fun team building actities will get teams playing to the same beat


In addition to the above benefits, fun team building activities might also serve as a reward for a team’s effort and achievement. Celebrating success is great for morale.

Team building is used in many different areas of life with team building activities often used by sports teams  and in schools. Team Building is a technique used with increasing frequency by modern businesses who are becoming aware of the benefits outlined above. This is commonly referred to as corporate team building.

What is team building at Team Tactics?

Team Tactics provide a very wide range of team building activities suitable for corporate team building with bespoke tailoring to match your requirements. Whether you want to bring out your team’s competitive or creative sides, develop team working skills or spirit, or perhaps all of these things; there is a whole range of indoor and outdoor team building activities available from corporate cooking to circus skills to provide a thoroughly enjoyable team experience with lasting shared memories.

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