Corporate Events: Marketing Man’s Dream Industry

Hi I’m James, the new Marketing Executive at Team Tactics. I have recently completed my first month at work and am finding marketing in the corporate events industry to be an immersive and exciting experience working at a small but dynamic corporate events and team building company, I am faced with the challenge of keeping all material up to date for our busy sales team and fresh for our continually expanding range of corporate events.

Having always been inspired by creative adverts, marketing has long been my area of interest. In particular, the challenge of promoting a product in a way that connects with those most interested. But when the product is really exciting and diverse you have a natural head start.alt="Sporting Corporate Events - Cheltenham Festival Horse Racing"

Corporate Events: A highly diverse product

The corporate events industry covers a diverse range of events and services from sport to music to flower shows. Whilst considered an extravagant expense by some, corporate events are invaluable for both client relationship management and as staff entertainment, boosting morale, work place relationships and offering an excellent reward for exceeding targets. In addition to corporate events, Team Tactics also offer team building events for companies looking for fun team building activities to motivate, connect or reward their staff. These are even more diverse, including culinary and music workshops, Land Rover driving, ice sculpting, plasticine animation and many more!

Such an exciting product requires no embellishment and the range of activities to promote means I am never bored in my work. It’s hardly surprising that so many of our clients come back for more. This is not just great for business but means we gain a thorough understanding of our clients allowing us to continually improve our corporate event offering and market them in a way which speaks to our client.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences in this industry and marketing in other industries.