With a wealth of historical and contemporary landmarks, London  is one of the most exciting cosmopolitan cities in the world, best explored with a group of friends or work mates. Whilst most people have been to London at some point, how many have really explore London and taken in all the the sights it has to offer? A guided tour just does not do London justice. You cannot see the city from the inside of a museum or shopping centre. So here are 4 exciting staff days out to explore London from a different angle.



Four Alternative Ways to Explore London

1. The Shard

Completed in 2010, but only recently opened to the public, the Shard is the tallest building in the EU. The bizarre but intriguing structure resembles a shard of glass and cuts a striking shape on the London skyline. Towering over the capital at colossal 1016 feet, The Shard is tall enough to be a mountain dwarfing the next tallest building One Canada Square. From its viewing platforms on the top four floors, it offers unparalleled views of the capital best seen during the evening sunset. There is a popular joke that many Londoners don’t see the horizon. The Shard changes that and is a must anyone planning to explore London

2. Thames Power Boat Blast

Whilst the rest of London is locked in traffic jams, the Thames offers a majestic highway through the very heart of the city. From the river itself, visible London landmarks include The Shard, The Gherkin, The Houses of Parliament and many others. Blasting along in a 225 horse power speedboat is the most exhilarating team activity to explore London the fun way.  

3. London Cab Clue Trail

An engaging way to explore London as a team, following a trail of brain teasing riddles in one of London’s iconic black cabs. Solving clues to discover your next destination, a London Cab Clue Trail is perfect group activity for discovering London landmarks. This fun team building activity is great for groups of 12 or more with one cab for each team of 4 or 5 and professional London cabbies provided.

4. GPS Treasure Hunt

Another exciting team challenge on the streets of London, this time armed with the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab complete with GPS treasure hunt app. This activity is best suited to large groups of competitive people!  Unravel the clues on your Galaxy tabs and track your progress against your rivals. For added entertainment, earn bonus points with hilarious team photo challenges that will provide lasting memories of this highly entertaining event.   Treasure hunts come in a variety of forms and can be designed with customised questions for a bespoke twist.

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