Anyone who spends their working days working towards difficult deadlines or high pressure projects will understand the value of having their achievement recognised.  The demands of work can sometimes be relentless, so to ensure staff remain motivated it is important to celebrate success at work. Whilst bonus and incentive schemes are a natural way of doing this. when a team really excels itself this is worth extra celebration; reinforcing positive application, strengthening team spirit and their bond with the organisation.

How to Celebrate Success at Work

1. Make the Reward fit the achievement 

– The more significant the achievement the more special  the reward should be. Celebrate success with a fitting reward.

2. Pick something your team will enjoy

-This is to celebrate the team’s success  so should be something they’ll all enjoy. This not only gives them a great experience but shows how well you know them.

3. Give them an activity or an experience they’ll enjoy together

– A reward involving the whole team rather than individual rewards for team members reinforces team spirit and reminds them of their collective contribution.

4.Do something outside the office

– Although celebrating success at work, a proper celebration should take place outside of the office. This allows your team to  relax from working mode and enjoy a refreshing celebration as well as demonstrating your commitment and effort as a manager.

Helping Our Client Celebrate Success with ‘Aiming High’ Day

Recently we were approached by a the retail branch of a large retail manufacturer with the brief of arranging an unforgettable and inspiring event to celebrate success for their high achieving staff. They wanted to provide a real ‘wow’ factor for their staff with a theme that reflected their high achievement.

A young and driven group, our aim was to create an event to provide real excitement and a none-stop experience for them to celebrate success in style.

1. The Sanderson Hotel

A five star start to the day as Hellen and the team set out to celebrate success in style. The Sanderson Hotel is a lavish urban retreat in the West End of London with a unique style of contemporary luxury


The client’s event took place last week with the group of high achievers meeting Hellen in London and commencing with breakfast at the exclusive Sanderson Hotel.

2. Winston Churchill’s Boat – lunch and clay pigeon

Next stop for the team was a trip aboard the boat of Winston Churchill on the river Thames, enjoying a fine luncheon on the vessel of Britain’s most celebrated Prime Minister. The team continued to aim high as they engaged in clay pigeon shooting from the deck of the boat.



3. Thames Power Blast

Remaining on the Thames, the team then swapped Churchill’s vessel for 225 Horse Power speed boats for a Thames Power Blast. One of my personal favourite events, A Thames Power Blast is a fantastic way to take in the iconic sights of central London whilst powering along the Thames at high speed.  It was perhaps no surprise that this group of high flyers thoroughly enjoyed this exhilarating experience.


4. The Shard

From high speed to just high, the excitement continued with a trip up  the Shard, the tallest building in the EU and quite literally the ‘peak of London’ . Standing over 1000ft high, the Shard is tall enough to be a mountain and offers fantastic views of the city.

6. The Oxo Tower

After returning to the Sanderson Hotel, it was then on to a fine dining experience in the Oxo Tower. Here at the ultimate destination, the aiming high theme continued high up in an Oxo Tower restaurant with an exquisite meal to celebrate the team’s success