Milkround, a leading provider of graduate careers services approached Team Tactics to deliver a team building activity.

What Were They Trying To Achieve?

They wanted a staff event to celebrate the company’s achievement of a reward for the sixth consecutive year, whilst at the same time benefiting staff’s team-working skills and promoting collaboration across different departments within the business.

After discussing a few recommended ideas, Milkround chose our Cab Clue Trail in London. One of most engaging events this team building activity challenges participants to follow a series of riddles across London, answering questions and completing entertaining photo challenges at each destination. Participants were split into teams with each team having their own cab and a knowledgeable London Cab Driver. The event required participants to work closely together to solve problems and be creative.

What was the Outcome?

 Milkround had this to say about the event:

“From the outset we found that all of the team at Team Tactics were really helpful and willing to make sure that we got the most that we could out of our event. The day itself was well organised and structured and the teams were given clear and concise instructions as to what was expected of them.

The cab trail was fantastic- it’s a great way to get out and about in London without the hassle of public transport, and the activities and bonus questions provided the teams with some really good challenges and laughs along the way. “

How did it help the Business?

“The purpose of this event for Milkround was to celebrate a recent award given to the company for the 6th year running whilst encouraging team building and collaboration across the various departments of the business. The Cab Clues event was fun, rewarding and a great opportunity to work with people who aren’t part of your day to day team