Christmas is the perfect time of year to thank your staff for their hard work and to strengthen team spirit with some quality time together.

The default option for most corporate Christmas celebrations is a trip to a local restaurant for a staff Christmas meal washed down by a few drinks. Not a bad option, but why not think outside the Christmas Cracker and do something different? Perhaps include a Christmas themed activity to really stimulate and bring your team together with an activity they will really remember.

Why not just have a Christmas Meal?

  • Most of us will indulge far more over the festive period than we care to remember. Why should Christmas revolve around food and drink?
  • As the spirits ( plus wine and beer flow) the Christmas spirits can saw, but so to can the chances of friction and loose tongued moments that may be regretted the morning after and the alienation of those less partial to a tipple
  • Christmas Activities can do so much more to boost team spirit, foster bonds between staff  and demonstrate a company’s festive spirit than a meal that will soon be forgotten

5 alternative ideas for a company Christmas celebration

1. Ready, Steady, Christmas Cooking!

Instead of the usual Christmas meal, why not add some extra spice by taking staff out to make their own with the help of professional chefs?

Enjoy a light hearted, evening of cookery as groups are divided into teams to prepare their very own fabulous feast with an optional competitive twist. They can then enjoy the fruits of their labours with a glass of wine.

Christmas cooking - one of 5 alternative Christmas company celebrations

2. Christmas Ice Carving

A great way for teams to get creative as they grab a chisel and embrace the Winter Wonderland spirit as they attempt to carve a Santa’s head or Reindeer sculpture.

3. Yuletide London Treasure Hunts

London lit up over the festive period is a sight to behold and our festive themed treasure hunts are the perfect way to experience this, as teams explore a London treasure map with the aid of a high-tech GPS treasure map on our Samsung Galaxy Tablets. Their aim is to earn as many points as possible by completing a series of photo challenges that provide fantastic memories of the event.

Treasure Hunt - Alternative company christmas celebration activity

4. Boat Hire

London at Christmas is even more spectacular from the River Thames.  Relax and enjoy fine food and drink with spectacular views of the city.

5. Carol Chaos

An uplifting and highly entertaining event, Christmas Carol Chaos is funky, light hearted and definitely not karaoke! Our professional vocal coaches who have worked with iconic singers including   Kylie Minogue and Boy George. This activity includes both vocals and percussion and is the ideal way to bring some Christmas Cheer to your colleagues.

Contact us or visit our Christmas page to learn more about these events and other other alternative ideas for a company Christmas celebration.