Music and dance team building activities are a fun, creative and effective way to reward and improve any team.

Learning and performing music and dance as a team has three major benefits:

  1. A rewarding experience that they will enjoy on an individual level.
  2. Strengthening the bonds between team members through both an enjoyable shared experience and through shared goals and accomplishments
  3. An improvement in a group’s teamwork through collective, coordination and creativity.

Music and Dance Team Building Activities

The act of physical movement or of producing music provides a form of cathartic release from team members every day pressures and offers an enjoyable way for them to express themselves together in a light-hearted atmosphere. Group Music and dance requires them to work closely together with harmonised timing and coordination. Team members will feel closer together through working towards the performance of a dance or piece of music and this will be reinforced through their enjoyment of the experience.

Music and Dance Team Building Activities

From our 17 years experience in the team building industry, Team Tactics have a wide range of music and dance activities which are ideal for team building.


A spook-tacular experience, teams are transformed  into zombies to learn the iconic graveyard dance routine from Michael Jackson’s 1980’s hot single Thriller.


The Haka

Learn the famous Maori war dance which has becoming synonymous with the New Zealand rugby team. The teaching of this ancient cultural dance is instructed by genuine Maoris and participants will gain fantastic cathartic release from this dynamic war dance which is ideal for breaking down barriers between team members as well as gaining an insight into the meaning and usage of the dance.

Bollywood Dancing

The Bollywood film industry celebrated its centenary year in 2013 and its films are famous for their expressive routines. Learn  and perform some of the most famous routines from Bollywood film.

Dance and Music Team Development

Drumming Workshops

A powerful music team building activity, the energy generating is infections with everyone able to hear and feel the rhythm. This ‘hands-on event’ uses an excellent array of instruments and teams are instructed by professional percussionists.  

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