In January 2014, we revamped our GPS Treasure Hunts with new clues themes and bonus challenges.

Our most recent client on Friday 2nd May had this to say:

“May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of our entire team at Enerflex UK Ltd  for arranging what can only be described as a “most fun” experience, for our staff at last week’s Treasure Hunt in London.Our entire team truly enjoyed the madness of rushing round Trafalgar Square & Covent Garden on our quest of clue finding – making the utmost of the photo opportunities ensured we were able to utilise the props we had brought along.

There has been very favourable comment to the Treasure Hunt from the feedback I have received from members of staff and I wanted to say it has been a great pleasure having contact with you and Tina with regard to organising and hosting our “Treat Day”.We wish you well with bringing future fun to other companies – we can recommend you highly.

london treasure hunt

Team Tactics GPS Treasure Hunts are a fantastically fun and entertaining way for staff to spend a rewarding day out of the office whilst getting to know each other better as they work together to solve clues and complete bonus challenges as they follow  our trail around some of the most iconic areas of central London.

Participants compete in teams to earn the most points and the live interactive scoreboards on our the GPS Treasure Hunt apps of our Samsung Tablets add to the excitement as competing teams can see the locations of their rivals and who is top of the leaderboard! This can all change however when we judge the results of the teams photo challenges at the end of the event with the best photos earning the most points.

We offer five different themes for our GPS treasure hunts including Bright Lights of London, Hunt the Apprentice, Cook Eat and Run, Live and Let Spy and our Pub Pit Stop Challenge.

Visit our GPS Treasure Hunt Page to find out more about our treasure hunt events or to read more client reviews from these events.