Fantastic First Week At Team Tactics


My first week at Team Tactics has really opened my eyes to what the world of Team Building and Corporate Hospitality has to offer in the UK. Not one day has been the same, with enquiries and bookings from all corners of the country and requests ranging from a Graffiti Workshop one minute, to regular clients requesting more information for the exclusive executive Private Chalets for The Open Championship held in Scotland next year.

From day one all things marketing have been covered to ensure as many people as possible are updated with new information about the extensive portfolio of events that Team Tactics cover. September is a busy time of year with bookings coming in for the festive period already! Constant enquires are keeping us busy as companies gear themselves up for the time of year when they can celebrate what achievements 2014 has produced.  

Team Building has had a greater emphasis for the first week with numerous ideas and proposals being thrown around the office for my ears to listen to and learn from the experts in the industry. The atmosphere has helped me thrive in the marketing side of Team Tactics with a forever busy and exciting office in such an innovative industry. The Team Building events have enabled me to utilise my creative side by assisting with new ideas for the launch of new events.

Christmas 2014 has already started!  With this year’s first successful launch of Team Tactics Christmas campaign. 3 Ways To Unwrap London This Christmas draws the attention to 3 of our options for a perfect Christmas event.  Our delightful Yuletide Treasure Hunts, Ready Steady Christmas Cooking and Winter Wonderland events were chosen for the campaign to give a small round up of ideas which can create wonderful memories time and time again! My particular favourite is our most interactive and engaging treasure hunt yet which uses technology to increase your engagement as you take part in a festive adventure of the city of London accompanied by a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Another favourite element of this campaign is the Ice Carving workshop, as part of the Winter Wonderland event enabling participants to learn a new skill this Christmas. 

 yuletide pic   Ice Breakers - Zebra (02)   Web pic


The variation of events that Team Tactics has to offer has made the first week an exciting one. With several categories events can fall under, it is no surprise that the phones don’t stop ringing.  Catering to individual firms needs has helped Team Tactics keep their competitive edge by offering personalisation on an extensive range of events.  Corporate Hospitality has also been highlighted in my first week with countless bookings for next years events, straight after they enjoyed this years. The Open Championship and The Epsom Derby are ones which I have looked into with the addition of new restaurants and hospitality options available to those wishing to entertain guests at the very highest standard.


A brand new launch of an event is ready to be enjoyed by those wanting an inventive way to improve their social responsibility to the wider community. The Build a Bike for Charity is a proven way to encourage engagement whilst building a long lasting relationship with the community. Not only is this good for team morale and the company’s image it is most importantly fun! I am beginning to learn just how much fun people have on our events with appraisals and feedback coming in daily to describe the fault


less service Team Tactics provided right from the first minute. I hope that our team will continue to prosper in this competitive industry!






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